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Andrew Lang - Sick bed scene



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It is possible the thoughts of death were being relayed, but the image is simply a manufactured one to convey the idea


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Andrew Lang - The Making of Religion – Chapter V – Crystal Visions, Savage and Civilised
­Writes Miss Rose

­My first experience of crystal gazing was not a pleasant one, as will be seen from the following which I now relate as exactly as I can remember.  I asked my friend, Miss Angus, to allow me to look in her crystal, and, after doing so for a short time, gave up, saying it was very unsatisfactory, as, although I saw a room with a bright fire in it and a bed all curtained and people coming and going, I could not make out who they were, so I returned the crystal to Miss Angus, with the request that she might look for me. 

She said at once, “I see a bed with a man in it looking very ill and a lady in black beside it.” 

Without saying any more Miss Angus still kept looking, and, after some time, I asked to have one more look, and on her passing the ball back to me, I received quite a shock, for there, perfectly clearly in a bright light, I saw stretched out in bed an old man apparently dead; for a few minutes I could not look, and on doing so once more there appeared a lady in black and out of dense darkness a long black object was being carried and it stopped before a dark opening overhung with rocks.  At the time I saw this I was staying with cousins, and it was a Friday evening. 

On Sunday we heard of the death of the father-in-law of one of my cousins; of course I knew the old gentleman was very ill, but my thoughts were not in the least about him when looking in the crystal.  I may also say I did not recognise in the features of the dead man those of the old gentleman whose death I mention.  On looking again on Sunday, I once more saw the curtained bed and some people.’

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Lang, Andrew

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