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Nigerian girl sees her distant dying father



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


The 'African tribal' as source is just a convenient method to pin the observation to the Afican continent. I have no idea whether the people concerned are tribal or not!

A description of the experience

The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences - Dr Penny Sartori

These experiences appear to be far more common than is realized. I was discussing my NDE research with a colleague, a nurse from Nigeria:

Oh, that is so interesting because a similar thing happened when my father died in Nigeria. My eldest sister had moved further north and the day that he died he appeared to her. He was well dressed as if he was dressed to go on a journey. He smiled at her and looked much younger and very healthy; he was surrounded by a bright light.

At the time my sister didn't even know he was unwell. The time that she saw him was about the time that he died; now how do you explain that?

The source of the experience

African tribal

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