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Thomas, John F - Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – The smell of a pipe



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


This case study is more interesting as it involves ‘perfumes’, which are often used as a signature for a particular ‘spirit’.  The case study is better for there being no medium involved

A description of the experience

Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – John F Thomas

Besides E. L. T., there are in these records several other distinct personalities, one of the most prominent of whom is a former associate of Mr. T.'s who died about four months after E. L. T. He is referred to here as A. B, which are not his own initials.

One characteristic of A. B. in these experiments has been a strongly expressed intention on his part to produce some form of physical phenomena. Mr. T.'s diary for November 27, 1927, has this entry:

"I woke at 4:30 a m. and had a distinct odor of a strong, stale pipe three times. I got up and tried the hall and adjoining rooms, but the air was sweet, with not a trace of odor. All doors and windows were closed and no one was about. It was repeated when I returned to bed. I had a second experience on waking at 5:30."

At breakfast that morning Mr. T. joked with the young people about the circumstance and said that he thought A. B. had" been about with his pipe before dawn.” Both of them recall Mr. T.'s report of the incident.

The source of the experience

Thomas, Dr John F

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