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My first strange experience was when I was 7 or 8 at [the yacht club]. I had been playing on the overflow with friends and was running back towards the old clubhouse between the old stone walled car park and the old [sailing club] ‘Toad Hall’.

There used to be an old trolley track from the woods down into the water. It was built during the construction of the dam. As I raced along I tripped over the second rail and managed to break my arm above the elbow which resulted in a trip to the Royal Hospital.

 After the Op which was done in the mid to late evening under a general  anaesthetic, I woke up in an adult ward not knowing where I was.

I must have wanted or called My Mum who I physically saw sitting at the end of my bed.

When she came to visit to take me home the following afternoon, I thanked her for being with me in the night. However she assured me that she had been at home in bed all night . No doubt I had been very much on her mind!

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Observer 771

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