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Dr. J. Garth Wilkinson - Evenings with Mr. Home and the Spirits 01



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Dr. J. Garth Wilkinson - Evenings with Mr. Home and the Spirits

This was published at the time of the Brewster controversy and is quoted in Madam Home - D D Home his life his mission

In a minute or two the same inward thrill went through the table as I have described in the first seance, and the chairs also, as before, thrilled under us so vividly that my youngest daughter jumped up from hers, exclaiming, 'Oh, papa, there's a heart in my chair!' which we all felt to be a correct expression of the sensation conveyed.

Presently the tremors would cease, and raps were forthwith heard, as if the vibrations that passed through the table had marked the period occupied in charging it with some subtle force, electrical or otherwise, that was now given off in these tiny detonations. The raps were as varied in their character as human nature is varied, timid, bold, clear, muffled, changing with every intelligence that produced them; just as in this world no two persons will knock at a door in a manner exactly similar.

"I have heard," wrote Mr. W. Crookes, F.R.S. "delicate ticks, as with the point of a pin; a cascade of sharp sounds as from an induction coil in full work; detonation in the air; sharp, metallic taps; a cracking like that heard when a frictional machine is at work; sounds like scratching; the twittering as of a bird, &c."

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Home, D. D.

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