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Messing, Wolf - A prophecy 'Hitler will die if he turns toward the East' and a narrow escape via mind control



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

On the first of September 1939, Hitler's army invaded Poland.  For Messing to stay in Poland any longer was impossible. In a Warsaw theater in 1937, in the presence of a thousand people, Messing had predicted,

"Hitler will die if he turns toward the East."

“The Fascist fuhrer was sensitive to this prophecy, and in general to mysticism of all kinds," says Messing. The psychic Eric Hanussen had already been killed by the Nazis for knowing too much about their plans. When word of Messing's prophecy reached Hitler, he put a price of 200,000 marks on the telepathist's head.

On the day of the invasion Messing went into hiding in a Warsaw meat locker. However, he was seized when he ventured into the street one evening. The Nazi officer scrutinized his face-then examined a small booklet he had in his pocket containing photos of wanted people. Grabbing him by the hair, the officer growled,

"Who are you?"

"I'm an artist . . ."

"You're Wolf Messing! It is you who predicted the death of our fuhrer!" He took a step back and, still holding Messing's hair, punched him in the jaw.

"It was the blow of a master torturer," says Messing. "I lost, along with a great deal of blood, six teeth.  At the police station I realized either I leave Poland instantly, or I die," says Messing. Using all his phenomenal powers of mind, he says he compelled all the police who were in the station at that moment to assemble in one room. All, including the chief and the sentry guarding the exit, began to feel a strange urge to go to that particular room in the station. "When, responding to my will, the police had all gathered in that room. I lay entirely motionless, as if dead. Then, quickly, I ran into the corridor. Instantly, before they could come to, I slid the iron bolt on the door. Now I had to hurry. "

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Messing, Wolf

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