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Thomas, John F - Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – Sitting with the medium Mrs Soule; remote reading books



Type of Spiritual Experience


This is more interesting, the medium could have been reading his mind and then remote viewing; or there may have been a spirit in his room with whom the medium is communicating

A description of the experience

Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – John F Thomas

38. Control: I want to take you to your room. I think you have been reading a book on philosophy or something on this subject. I do not think it has impressed you particularly but it is still in your room; it is not one I think you have bought, but it is still lying loose on the table. I see this book, and it is thick and has a dull cover.

She opens it quickly to page 62, marks off one, two, three, four lines, like that. Says name known to you in spiritual and an answer to a question.

(At the top or bottom of the page?)

At the top of the page. She shuts it, opens it again quickly. 50. The last five lines will, if you read them again, amuse you. Now the book has just been put down. I do not know whether you have read it, it hasn’t impressed you. It is on a table apart and alone. There are several magazines and papers around. It is nothing to do with them.

 (It is a book I have here with me. Is it on a table or in a drawer?)

 I would think it would have been put in, just like that. It was lying out, but it may have just been put away like that. It didn't impress you; you didn't think very much of it, but if you look at this-it has nothing to do with the papers and magazines, a book. I think you will find reference to her. Look again, page 5, 8, 9, 10, 11th, lines.

 (From the top?)

From the top, but if you count your lines, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th from the top, there is a name very well known to you. She only speaks of one book, please, because it was lying out and you pushed it away.

 (Ask her if this takes the place of the one we had the other day. Those references, tell her, I couldn't find them.)

She says she tried all she knew there, as though she want to get hold of somebody’s voice or throat, and says, "No use, no use. Wasn't good, but this is better. "I don't know why she does that.

Note: The only book I had with me in London was The Case of Patience Worth, by Dr. Walter Franklin Prince. This book is a publication of the Boston Society and had been sent me as a member. It has 509 pages and the cover is dark red. At the time of the reference, I had just glanced at the book, but it later impressed me very favorably. At the hotel room, it had been out on the top of the dresser, together with several magazines and papers. As to the references, the first four lines of page 62 have the name Curran, which does not fit the statement in the quotation. The last five lines on page 50 are part of a paragraph of dry humor. The tenth, eleventh and twelfth lines of page 5 give a list of fifteen names, one of which, Sullivan, was particularly in my mind at the time because that was the name of an entirely unexpected person who had recently appeared in the Boston records. Her name was not given in Boston.

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Thomas, Dr John F

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