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Seeress of Prevorst, the - The last three visions of dying



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The Seeress of Prevorst – Dr John DeSalvo

Three weeks before she died, she had three visions of her approaching death.

In the first, a female form taller than herself, enveloped in black appeared to her. She could see only the feet of this figure, as the rest of it was draped in black. The figure stood in an open coffin, and beside it was a white cross. The apparition beckoned the Seeress, and she felt its cold breath. She said it was nor a spirit, but a "portentous second-sight."

Three days before the Seeress died, she raised three of her fingers, as if taking an oath, and declared that her life could scarcely endure three days longer. She told Dr. Kerner that two spirits, which had just visited her, had answered her inquiry as to why they had come. They said to her,

"You are already of us."

This was her second vision.

In her third vision, she told Dr. Kerner that her deceased father had just visited her. This was interesting, since her father had been dead for a year, and she had never had a visit from him in the spirit form. She asked him why he had not revealed himself to her before, and he said that it had not been in his power to reveal himself earlier. Unfortunately, she was too sick to be able to carry on any lengthy conversations at this time. She was very desirous of communicating some revelations that her father had given her concerning the spirit world, as well as her Sun Sphere and inner calculations, but she was not able to do so.

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Seeress of Prevorst, the

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