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Messing, Wolf - The meetings with Stalin 03



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Psychic Discoveries behind the iron Curtain – Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Communist scientists who know the celebrated psychic, as well as friends of one of Stalin's granddaughters, told us of another experiment designed by Stalin. Without permission, without a pass, Messing had to enter Stalin's dacha at Kuntsevo. This was like asking someone to dress up as Batman and saunter unmolested into the vaults of Fort Knox. Guards almost as thick as the shrubbery surrounded the country house. A platoon of bodyguards hovered near Stalin. All the staff members at his residences were officially members of the secret police.

Several days later, as Stalin worked in his dacha at a large dining table loaded with official documents and papers, a slightly-built, dark-haired man entered the dacha without attracting any special attention. Stalin's bodyguards stood back respectfully. The domestic staff made way.

The man walked down a hallway past several rooms, all furnished identically with a sofa, rug, and table. He stopped at the doorway of the room where Stalin sat reading. Stalin looked up astonished. Wolf Messing stood in front of him!

How did he do it?

"I mentally suggested to the guards and servants, 'I am Beria. I am Beria,' " Messing explains.

Lavrenti Beria, the deservedly infamous head of the Soviet secret police, was a constant visitor at Stalin's dacha. The curly-haired Messing didn't look anything like Beria. He didn't even bother to assume the Beria trademark, a glittering pince-nez.

News of Stalin's experiments with Messing spread widely through the upper echelons of Moscow society. Some feared Messing was a "dangerous man" but evidently Stalin didn't think so.

The final outcome of the "checkup" was that Messing received permission from the "highest authorities" to tour freely through the entire Soviet Union.

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Messing, Wolf

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