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Grandpa feels better now he's dead



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


This is a short extract from his communication with grandpa that covers the power of prayer and what happens when we die.

If words are used it is either a bodied or disembodied soul

A description of the experience

The Boy who saw True - Aug 17th

Another beastly wet day, and I've no news, so I'm going to put down some more of what grandpa said, with Mr. P's help. Grandpa told us that some parsons talk an awful lot of stuff and nonsense about the next world, and pretend we shall all go to sleep till the day of resurrection. And so crowds of people when they get over there and find themselves alive and kicking, can't believe they are dead, and it's no end of a job to convince them that they've shuffled off their old bodies.  Same with people what didn't believe anything at all and are agnostics and believe we have all come out of monkeys........................

Grandpa says that when he was on earth he felt [in comparison] far more dead than alive, but now that he is supposed to be dead, he feels more alive than dead.

The source of the experience

The Boy who saw True

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