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Xam bushmen - The moon that was once his shoe



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In the following extract /Kaggen, which in /Xam mythology is a trickster being – clever – creating both good and bad – and encompassing both creation an destruction has a magical influence upon his possessions.  They ‘speak’ because he tells them to speak.  The moon was created by ‘throwing his shoe into the sky’, but is also able to ‘speak’.

A description of the experience

The First Bushman’s Path:  stories, Songs and testimonies of the /Xam of the Northern Cape

And /Kaggen said to the moon that was once his shoe
‘speak, you should speak because you are /Kaggen’s shoe
and you always used to speak when I wore you on my foot’

and therefore the moon speaks because /Kaggen told it to,
because all his things speak because they are his things

/Kaggen’s things speak because they have understanding
because he commands them to understand, and to speak
‘I am /Kaggen and I talk to my things and they talk to me

these things talk to me because they are my things
and I talk to them so that they will have understanding

the things listen to me and therefore they have sense
they talk with understanding because I tell them to

they are my things and they all obey me, I who am /Kaggen

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African tribal

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