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Sai Baba - Howard Murphet – Mrs B’s son, Jawahar, is cured of the fever



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Sai Baba Man of Miracles – Howard Murphet

One afternoon my wife and I were sitting in a room in Madras talking to a woman who had come down from the north of India and was on her way to Prasanti Nilayam to attend the festival of Sivaratri. She has known Sai Baba since the late 1940s, and is one of his truest, purest and most sincere bhaktas, or devotees. She has not given me permission to use her name, so I will call her Mrs. B. Among others in the room that day was Dr. C. T. K. Chari, who is Professor of Philosophy at Madras Christian College, a member of the London Society for Psychical Research, and a well-known name in parapsychology circles throughout the world.

Mrs. B was persuaded to tell us a number of her miraculous experiences with Sai Baba, and I relate two or three of them here.

She said that in 1952 her son, Jawahar, who was then about five years old, contracted some disease, with a high fever and delirium. Her husband is a medical man but was absent at the time, and she called in another doctor. At first he thought it was malaria and was treating the child for that. But on the sixth day of high fever the doctor decided that he had been wrong in his diagnosis. He now thought it was typhoid; the next day he would do a blood test to make sure.

Mrs. B had then been a follower of Sai Baba for several years.

She had seen him perform miracles, but although she often prayed to him as her Sadguru, she was still not sure of the extent of his powers, and was inclined to "test" him. Now, very worried about her son's health, she began to pray earnestly to Baba, asking his help.

After a while, noting that Jawahar looked somewhat better, she took his temperature and found that it had dropped several degrees.  Moreover, he was no longer delirious. Was her prayer being answered, or was this just happening naturally? She longed to know - but how could she? Then feeling sure that Baba would help her in her doubts and questions she thought of a way to test the matter. Mentally she spoke to Baba: "If his temperature is exactly 98.4 degrees tomorrow morning, I will believe that it is your work."

Next morning she took the temperature and found it exactly 98.4 degrees. When the doctor came later in the morning, he declared that the boy was quite all right and that there was no need to do the blood test he had planned.

Mrs. B learned some time later that on the night when she was praying fervently to him, Sai Baba was staying at the Venkatagiri Palace. While sitting in a room there with a number of devotees, he suddenly went into a trance. After a while he returned to his body and told those present, among them the Kumaraja (Prince) of Venkatagiri, that a devotee (naming Mrs. B--) had been in trouble, her son being sick, and that he (Baba) had been to help her.

"Now Jawahar is all right again," Baba remarked.

The Kumaraja was curious to see this boy whom Baba had "flown off' to help, and some weeks later when Mrs. B--, the boy Jawahar, and the Prince were all visiting Puttaparti at the same time, Baba was able to satisfy the latter’s curiosity.

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