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Pied Piper of Hamlin



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The legend of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn appears to have some basis in an actual event. According to the brothers Grimm, the old records preserved in the town hall of Hamlyn state that this event occurred on 22nd June 1284 AD and that there was at one time a plaque in the wall of the town hall commemorating the event.

It may be helpful to know that all wizards, fools and magicians in olden days were symbolically said to be dressed in ‘harlequin’s outfits’.   Joseph for example had his coat of many colours.

If we go into the science of this, the rats would be susceptible to a different frequency to the children and Russian researchers have done a number of experiments on rats to determine the frequencies that affect them – particularly with a view to establishing frequencies that harm and those that heal.

Furthermore, the children, being small would also be affected by different frequencies because their resonances would be different due to the different size of their organs and brain parts, which is why they could be affected and the adults remained immune.  The piper probably had to go in order to get a new pipe with the right resonances.

Perhaps in the end we are all being ‘bewitched’ when we go to hear an orchestra play a concert piece , it may well explain why some pieces provoke great emotion and some seem to send you into states of bliss or joy.

A description of the experience

Deutche Sagen herausgegeben von den Brudern Grimm 1816 [translated by C Engel]

In the year 1284, the town of Hameln, situated on the River Weser in Germany became awfully infested with rats and mice. All kinds of traps, poisons and other means employed to destroy the vermin proved of no avail and the harassed citizens were at their wits end what to do. The plague grew daily more formidable until the people had every reason to fear that before long not only their victuals but they themselves would be devoured.

When the misery had reached a height positively frightening there appeared in Hameln a strange man with a queer shaped hat who offered to deliver the town from the scourge for stipulated reward. Some say the reward he demanded was a round sum of money; others maintain that he wanted to marry the burgomaster’s pretty daughter. Whatever it may have been there is certainly no doubt that it was readily promised to him.

As soon as the bargain had been struck, the strange man drew from his pocket a small pipe, began to play and walked through the streets of the town. Presently, all the rats and mice came running out of their holes and followed him. Lustily playing he marched with his odd army out of the town and into the river Weser, where every rat and mouse was drowned.

Then the inhabitants of Hameln rejoiced greatly, as after a victory over a powerful enemy. But when the stranger came to claim the promised reward, they withheld it from him and treated him with derision.

However, a few days afterwards, how sorely were they punished for their ingratitude.

The enraged rat catcher unexpectedly appeared, this time dressed in red and he took his pipe and walked through the streets playing as before. Presently all the little children of Hameln came running out of the houses and followed him. He marched with them out of the town into the mountains, where he vanished with them into a deep hole in a rock

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