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Lethbridge, T C - Ghost and Ghoul - The importance of the bridge



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T C Lethbridge – Ghost and Ghoul

To arrive at any solution at all, it is necessary to test what evidence I have available for the use of 'links' in the employment of resonance. Magic can be 'white' or 'black'; that is it can be used for either good or bad purposes. Yet it is all magic. There is no distinction between magic healing, prayer, or blessing, and destructive magic, such as cursing, ill-wishing and actual magic killing. The difference is only in the mind of the practitioner. Christ's disciples had learnt how to work most potent white magic and then killed Ananias and Sapphira with it. This was black magic.

If anything goes wrong with the operation of black magic, it returns on the head of the magician. It is a well-known trick of sorcerers to make some gift to the person they wish to harm; this establishes the link for resonance to pass.

The link was established either by gift or confiscation and the sorcerers could, in theory, use it for black magic. The ancient doggerel, 'He who cutteth hoof or horn, on the Sabbath morn, it were better for him that he had ne'er been born', refers to this. The Sabbath is not Sunday, but Friday, the witches' Sabbat. If somebody cut their hair or fingernails on the morning of the Sabbat, and a witch got her hands on the clippings, they could be used to work malevolent magic at the Sabbat. Of course they could be used for white magic also and this is what is now done, using a mechanical projector for the resonance, by those who heal with the 'Box'.

Until resonance is studied in much greater detail, it is uncertain how this works, but it seems clear that a link, comparable to some extent with the copper wire in electricity, or the pipe for running water, is in fact established. The object is a link between two minds and not in itself a container of force, beneficent or malevolent.

This seems to me to be clear after some investigation of the faculty known as Psychometry. Magic is in fact control over psychokinesis.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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