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The eHealthme web site is a free site providing information on pharmaceutical drugs. 

Its providers are based in Mountain View, CA. It was founded by Johnson Chen, previously a senior Deloitte healthcare consultant.

They work with universities, institutions, and firms including: IBM, London Health Science Centre, Mayo Clinic, and Northwestern University, VA

The information on the site is a summary of the information provided by the FDA in the USA on drug outcomes and reactions.  The raw data provided by the FDA is analysed and then classified so that it is more accessible to the likes of you and I.  Having said this, quite a large number of doctors also use the site.  The database is extraordinarily comprehensive and covers 40 million latest outcomes of 45,000 drugs, vitamins and supplements since 1977 from FDA and community.

There is a search facility that enables you to look for information by symptom, disease, side effect and drug.  You can also narrow the search down using the gender and age of the people who are the subject of the reports.

Hardly surprisingly given the number of drugs used in the west and the number of side effects, this is a very heavily used site. 9,478,710 people have studied eHealthMe data and 2 million visit the site each month.

One of the main objectives – carefully worded of course -  is to “transform our health care system to be more transparent, safer, and less expensive”.


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