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Visiting telluric hot spots

Category: Actions


Involuntary and voluntary

Introduction and description

The earth is crisscrossed in a huge web by telluric currents.  In general you will never know. Where the current continues along a single path, it may have no effect on you at all.  But occasionally because of the geography of the land, either natural or man-made, a specific spot can become a focus point.  Here the currents are much stronger.

Very often these points were marked in the olden days using standing stones, cross road markers [old roads often followed telluric currents because shamans used telluric currents for navigation – these were the old ley lines and spook roads], even complete sites such as the henges – woodhenges and stone henges.  Occasionally a hill would be constructed, at other times a single tree or a grove of trees may be planted.

Always a marker of some sort.

Today those markers are not reliable.  Whenever we site a new structure on the landscape, or dig earthworks, or make new roads or ditches or canals, we can change the direction of the currents, but as indicators, old structures and natural features like this are not a bad guide in an unspoilt landscape.

And exposure to telluric currents can cause spiritual experiences.


The earth itself produces a natural background magnetic field which is of very low frequency approximately 8 hertz (Hz).  This magnetic field is not constant, it fluctuates over time.  As a result various points on the earth – the ‘telluric hot spots’ -  can be natural and permanently fluctuating, or can fluctuate under the influence of solar activity during geomagnetic storms.  Any conductive material subject to these fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field may induce an electric current.  Since the fluctuations are low in frequency, the current so produced is also very low frequency.  This is key because it is low frequency current that has the most effect spiritually.


You need to use any information you can obtain on the sources of high telluric current to find your ‘hot spots’.  Thus:

This gives you an area to home in on.  You can use known marker stones, cross roads, sacred groves, sacred trees, henges and so on to be a guide, but don’t assume that the currents still exist at that site.

You can measure background radiation with specially designed metering equipment to find any suitable areas. It must be able to measure very low frequencies, and low intensities, to work.

How it works

Stimulation via resonance see this section for a full explanation

The electrical stimulation is acting on the whole body and thus affecting every organ.  It is entirely unpredictable what will happen.  You may get a full blown vision and your friend may only get a headache and feel glum.

This is resonance of the whole body so you need to be quite careful.  In olden days some spots were often marked as ‘bad’ and some ‘good’, meaning that the frequencies at various spots and intensities were known in terms of their effects.  These days we have lost this knowledge, but even I, in one particular spot, was able to sense that this was a telluric hot spot [it was in an abbey so I did have a clue it might be different], but the vibes were not at all good – for me anyway. 


  • As long as you are not constantly exposed to this form of current and variation it is a safe form of getting an experience. 
  • You can combine the technique of  communing with nature with this one and it becomes especially pleasant and effective
  • It is free and legal


  • Although you can measure background radiation with specially designed metering equipment, you are still faced with a big task,  as on one day of low sunspot activity and no geomagnetic variation you will get nothing, whereas on another day you may get something quite impressive.  You have to know your solar weather patterns and your geology. 
  • The stimulation of the functions in your brain and body, will be somewhat arbitrary and not at all targeted, as such whether you get a spiritual experience or not will depend a lot on the resonant frequency of your various organs.
  • Remember that some frequencies may make you ill

References and further reading

  • Earth batteries - A rather fun video from youtube showing telluric currents are real and also a way of measuring them and using them - called 'The Earth battery'
  • Telluric currents and earthquakes - a youtube video about the link between earthquakes and telluric currents.  "It's clear that the Suns magnetic connection to the Earth sends it into a natural resonant vibration when the Sun becomes hyperactive or it's magnetic field and oscillation increases"
  • Lydia explains - fairly simplified, and as a result not absolutely accurate in some places, but nevertheless a good explanation
  • Free energy - quite a long video showing how all these natural currents - telluric, schuman resonances and so on can be used to obtain 'free' energy.  I have included this to show that all the phenomena I have described on the site are not only real, but are quite an exciting prospect from the point of view of our planet


1311 portolan of Pietro Vesconte

The majority of the observations  I found were actually  involuntary experiences rather than deliberate attempts to induce an experience. 

Nevertheless they produced some interesting experiences, including not just spiritual experience, but sightings of earth energy in a quite alarming and rather exciting state.





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