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Fort, Charles - The Book of the Damned - Falls of worked stones and disks



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The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort

Comptes Rendus, 1887-182:
That, upon June 20, 1887, in a "violent storm"--two months before the reported fall of the symmetric iron object of Brixton--a small stone had fallen from the sky at Tarbes, France: 13 millimeters in diameter; 5 millimeters thick; weight 2 grammes. Reported to the French Academy by M. Sudre, professor of the Normal School, Tarbes.  This time the old convenience "there in the first place" is too greatly resisted--the stone was covered with ice.  This object had been cut and shaped by means similar to human hands and human mentality. It was a disk of worked stone--"tres regulier." "Il a été assurement travaillé."  There's not a word as to any known whirlwind anywhere: nothing of other objects or débris that fell at or near this date, in France. The thing had fallen alone.

In La Nature, 1887, and in L'Année Scientifique, 1887, this occurrence is noted. It is mentioned in one of the summer numbers of Nature, 1887. Fassig lists a paper upon it in the Annuaire de Soc. Met., 1887. Not a word of discussion.  Simply ‘A disk of worked stone fell from the sky, at Tarbes, France, June 20, 1887’.

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Fort, Charles

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