Symbols - What does heaven look like


A small disk shaped object in a spiritual experience may actually be a coin.

Where the object is larger, however, and is functioning as an opening, it is another type of portal which provides access in the spiritual world both up and down as well as horizontally.  In effect, it is a hole or opening, which looks like a disc.

The following photo shows how some discs can appear in visions.


Discs can take you down in which case they tend to be dark and look more like hole in the ground, or they can take you up, in which case they are generally of lighter colours white or maybe even softer shades of grey.  Some have the appearance of the full moon

Svetasvatara Upanishad
These are the imaginary forms that appear before the final vision of Brahman:  a mist, a smoke and a sun; a wind, fire-flies and a fire; lightning, a clear crystal and a moon

But there are exceptions.  If the cloud layer seen is purple black, the disc can appear [as the photo shows] to be dark and ringed. [Remember this is all occurring in the head, the photo is just a rather good one in showing what you ‘see’].

Again I have selected another set of photos which are good representations of the gold discs that can sometimes be seen – usually at the Air level.  Occasionally there is a disc whose centre is a symbolic sun. I have picked out the last photo to try to show this.


A disc is sometimes found on entry to be a tunnel.  It then appears as a disc with a spot in the centre where the end of the tunnel is.  The spot can be both darker and lighter than the disc.



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