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Fort, Charles - The Book of the Damned - Falls of inscribed stones



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The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort

Scientific American, Sept. 10, 1910,
Charles F. Holder writes:  "Many years ago, a strange stone resembling a meteorite, fell into the Valley of the Yaqui, Mexico, and the sensational story went from one end to the other of the country that a stone bearing human inscriptions had descended to the earth."
This stone was reported by Major Frederick Burnham, of the British Army.  Later Major Burnham revisited it, and Mr. Holder accompanied him, their purpose to decipher the inscriptions upon it, if possible.  "This stone was a brown, igneous rock, its longest axis about eight feet, and on the eastern face, which had an angle of about forty-five degrees, was the deep-cut inscription."
One of the characters upon this stone is a circle within a circle.  There are two 6's.  A double scroll. There are dots and there are dashes. Mr Holder writes:
"I submitted the photographs to the Field Museum and the Smithsonian and one or two others, and, to my surprise, the reply was that they could make nothing out of it."

Scientific American, 48-261:
that, of an object, or a meteorite, that fell Feb. 16, 1883, near Brescia, Italy, a false report was circulated that one of the fragments bore the impress of a hand.  That's all that is findable by me upon this mere gasp of a thing.

Proc. Roy. Irish Acad., 1-381:
A paper was read by Mr. J. Huband Smith, descriptive of about a dozen Chinese seals that had been found in Ireland. They are all alike: each a cube with an animal seated upon it. "It is said that the inscriptions upon them are of a very ancient class of Chinese characters."  After Mr. Smith's investigations -many more Chinese seals were found in Ireland, and, with one exception, only in Ireland. In 1852, about 60 had been found. Of all  archaeologic finds in Ireland, "none is enveloped in greater mystery."  (Chambers' Journal, 16-364.) According to the writer in Chambers' Journal, one of these seals was found in a curiosity shop in London.  When questioned, the shopkeeper said that it had come from Ireland.  In the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 10-171,  Dr. Frazer says that they "appear to have been sown broadcast over the country in some strange way that I cannot offer solution of."

"The invariable story of their find is what we might expect if they had been accidentally dropped...."  Three were found in Tipperary; six in Cork; three in Down; four in Waterford; all the rest--one or two to a county.  But one of these Chinese seals was found in the bed of the River Boyne, near Clonard, Meath, when workmen were raising gravel.

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Fort, Charles

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