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Fort, Charles - The Book of the Damned - Falls of bricks



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The Book of the Damned - Charles Fort

Amer. Jour. Sci., 2-34-298.
Object that fell at Richland, South Carolina--yellow to gray--said to look like a piece of brick.

Edin. New Phil. Jour., 19-87.
Pieces of "furnace-made brick" said to have fallen--in a hailstorm—at Padua, August, 1834. The writer offered an explanation that started another convention: that the fragments of brick had been knocked from buildings by the hailstones. But there is here a concomitant that will be disagreeable to anyone who may have been inclined to smile at the now digestible--enough notion that furnace-made bricks have fallen from the sky. It is that in some of the hailstones--two per cent of them--that were found with the pieces of brick, was a light grayish powder.

Nature, 33-153:
That it had been reported that a good-sized stone, of form clearly artificial, had fallen at Naples, November, 1885. The stone was described by two professors of Naples, who had accepted it as inexplicable but veritable.

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Fort, Charles

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