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The Great Mound of Ching



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Colin Wilson - Mysteries

........the ideas of the ley-hunters are a rediscovery of principles that have been recognised in China for thousands of years.
A 19th century traveller W E Geil was informed that the position of the Great Mound of Ching was fixed by men of magic as being auspicious. 'The dragon pulse', meaning the magnetic currents with which the dragon is supposed to be connected, 'is good. The mountain south is a dragon at rest. The river north is a dragon in motion.'
... the whole face of China is heavily 'landscaped' in accordance with the laws of feng shui, even to the extent of building an artificial hill on which to place a city.  Ernst Borschmann's book on Chinese landscape says:
'Certain summits of the neighbouring mountains, often the main summit, are crowned with pagodas, small temples or pavilions to harmonise the magic forces of heaven and earth.

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