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Woburn Abbey - The experiences of the housekeeper Mrs Ellen Smith



Type of Spiritual Experience

Environmental influence

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Science and the Spook by George Owen and Victor Sims

Mrs Ellen Smith, the housekeeper, told us of one of the staff bedrooms at the end of a long corridor in the North Wing,

where I find it impossible to sleep. There is a constant tap, tap but nothing can be seen. It may be merely the expectation of this which is on my mind when I try to sleep there, but I suddenly seem to go cold all over frozen to the spot. And I know the night will be restless. I am not the only one. An Italian boy in the staff quarters jumped over his bed and tried to catch something that had opened his wardrobe door, but whatever it was disappeared. One of the butlers told me, too, that he had seen something very definite walking in the corridor after midnight.

The source of the experience

Duke and Duchess of Bedford, the 13th

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