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Woburn Abbey - lady visitors complain of actual disturbances of a poltergeist type



Type of Spiritual Experience

Environmental influence

Number of hallucinations: 1


A description of the experience

Science and the Spook by George Owen and Victor Sims

The Duchess kindly showed us two of these rooms, the Green Room and the Rose Room, previously known as the Masquerade Room (reason unknown). These rooms have a connecting door.
"The atmosphere in these rooms is sometimes so weird," her Grace told us, "that I would not ask a guest to sleep there on her own. She might be terrified."
The Duchess has noted that while male guests seem impervious to any sombreness of atmosphere in these rooms, lady visitors complain uniformly both of uncanniness and also of actual disturbances of a poltergeist type. At first the Duchess was inclined to explain this in terms of a greater timorousness and play of the imagination in the gentler sex. However when similar complaints were received from ladies of very practical disposition and robust temperament, she became convinced of some objective peculiarity residing in this part of the house.

The source of the experience

Duke and Duchess of Bedford, the 13th

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