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Being an animal

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Introduction and description

Animals have different senses to us and there are a number of observations on the site that appear to indicate they are born with the ability to perceive – via smell, sight or simply a sixth sense – what we would classify as ‘ghosts’.

The spirit realm, as we have indicated, is interleaved with our realm anyway, but it may simply be the case that our 5 senses are not geared to detect spirits, whereas the senses given to animals are.

Both cats and dogs know when ghosts/spirits are about.  In some cases they actively confront them. 

The inter-communication capabilities of animals is also much better developed than ours.  Cats and dogs , for example, have little need for language as they can read thoughts at a level which is far more ‘honest’ than language.  If anything we should be regarding animals as more advanced than ourselves as they have little need for the complex sensory and language apparatus we have developed.

Louis Agassiz -  L'Espèce

When animals fight, when they team up for a common purpose, when they warn each other of the danger; when they come to each other's aid; when they show sadness and joy, they manifest emotions of the same nature as those that are categorized among man's moral attributes. The gradation of moral faculties in higher animals and in man is so imperceptible that, in order to deny animals a certain sense of responsibility and conscience, it is necessary to overstate the difference between them and man

So – the emotions they display – love, fear, compassion, empathy, loyalty, jealousy, greed, and so on, are identical to any human.  Animals undoubtedly have a soul, and some might argue – given the kindness and gentleness they display even in times of great suffering, it is a superior soul to that of a human.  They simply lack language and well developed hands, and maybe that is a deliberate Design action.

Allen Kardec

According to the opinion of some spiritualist philosophers, the intelligent principle, distinct from the material principle, is individualized, elaborated, passing through the various degrees of animality; it is there that the soul tries to live and develops its faculties through exercise; it would be, so to speak, its incubation time…… This system, based on the great law of unity that governs creation, corresponds, it must be acknowledged, to the justice and goodness of the creator; it gives an outcome, a goal, a destiny for animals that are no longer deprived beings, but who find in the future reserved for them, compensation for their sufferings.
What constitutes the spiritual man is not his origin, but the special attributes he is endowed with when he enters humanity, attributes that transform him and make him a distinct being

So, there is every reason to believe that animals have a destiny too.  Many civilisations believe the final step of man is to reincarnate as a bird.  Plotinus in contrast believed we reincarnated according to our capabilities:


Those that have lived wholly to sense become animals- corresponding in species to the particular temper of the life

Thus we might think of animals more in terms of a different type of human being – one incapable of talking.

Kardec, again indicated that reincarnation [or transmigration if you prefer], between species offered a wealth of quite exciting opportunities for experience, adventure and development of our abilities.

There is therefore no more need for humans to change worlds at every stage, no more than there is for a schoolboy to change schools at every class; far from being an advantage for progress, it would be an obstacle, for the Spirit would be deprived of the example offered to him by the seeing of higher degrees and the possibility of repairing his wrongs in the same environment and towards those he has offended, which is for him the most powerful way of moral advancement.

According to the BBC, we have less than 300 years before humanity are all wiped out along with a growing number of species in what has become known as the Holocene extinction [http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20121101-a-looming-mass-extinction], and  clearly things are speeding up – the earth wants rid of us as soon as possible – sooner rather than later.

So for the vast majority of people [if not all]  at least, the choice will be one of a dwindling number of  animals – laboratory rats, for example, or cockroaches maybe, not a very pleasant prospect one has to say. 


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