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Blithe spirit - OMENS!!



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It is the end of March 2014. According to my astrologer pal F, this year is a bit different . The following is a quote from her newsletter and it has great relevance to what has happened to me in the past few weeks, so read on and enjoy.........

Astrologers have described the time we are in now as special and difficult. Indeed, in this coming year there are things afoot in the sky that are uncommon. ….. astrology offers a great framework to …. predict themes, but I don't think we can forecast a definite outcome, although if history repeats - which I think it does - we can make some pretty good guesses.

The major sky picture that astrologers are talking about is called a grand cross. As you might imagine, it means there are four planets forming a cross in the sky. If you google 'grand cross astrology 2014', you will find many opinions as to what this means. You will also see that it is referred to as a Cardinal Grand Cross because the four planets in question are in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - our sign of the month. The word cardinal has the root meaning 'hinge' - something of prime importance, hence the Cardinals in the Roman Catholic church who elect the Pope. These four signs represent the start of the seasons: 'hinge' times in the year, which have initiating functions. The word means 'of fundamental importance'. So this is not just any old grand cross!

The planets in question are the ongoing half of the cross, ...- Uranus and Pluto - plus, added this year, Mars and Jupiter. Technically, the 1st of January chart, which astrologers use to look at the coming year, already has this pattern active, together with a New Moon in Capricorn. This is very unusual and implies a clean new start, together with the 'prime importance' meaning. It is like a great big arrow in the sky! We are meant to take note of this year and indeed astrologers have been looking to 2014 for a long time!

The highest charged point for this cross is actually in April when on the 24th, all the planets are almost in the same degree - 13. On top of that there are also eclipses in April, which tend to wake things up.

Visually it is obvious that there are themes pulling in opposite directions. The challenge is to combine the possible positive themes this opportunity provides. ….. This cross is potentially hugely (Jupiter) pioneering (Mars), innovative (Uranus) and transforming (Pluto).

To reach the potential though, means a breakdown (Pluto) and breakthrough (Uranus) of old paradigms (Jupiter). With Mars in the mix this probably won't be without conflict. ... Mars and Uranus together can be explosive. The potential here is daring innovation. ...Are leaders going to be authentic and say what they really believe in? Or are they going to decide to fight for their old systems to the point where revolution is the only way, as it continues to be following the Arab Spring?

So,what relevance has this to me?

I have no idea how to classify what has happened and the only thing I can classify it in is environmental influence – the influence however is not from me but on me.

The events that have unfolded over the past few weeks have been almost Shakespearian in their drama. Firstly more birds. The ravens are back, two of them tapping on the pane, flying against the panes of glass, morning and afternoon.  Like Hitchcock's the birds.  Birds filling the garden, birds tapping on the pane, birds singing and singing and singing almost constantly outside the windows. Yes, it's spring, but the noise is almost a cacophany and there has a been a blackbird [I think it is a blackbird] that has been singing and singing and singing, a song so beautiful your heart goes out to meet it. And it sings in the dark and the dusk outside the library window where I work on the project.

Then there has been the weather. Sudden gusts of ferocious wind, hale storms of an extraordinary ferocity, sudden flurries of snow followed by brilliant sunshine. The hale has been extraordinary with great carpets of it gathering on the lawn only to fade away later..

And tonight the best of all, a single enormous clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning which sent our little dog into hysterics.  Right overhead and extremely impressive - just the one. It was followed by a massive hale storm lasting about 10 minutes then silence. Absolute silence, no wind, no hale, a sort of intense feeling of the peace after the storm.

OMENS  ...... that's what they would have thought in Will's day.  OMENS

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Blithe spirit

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