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One of the principle concepts used in the creation  is the notion of ‘contrast’.  This is represented symbolically in the yin and yang symbol – black and white, dark and light.

In the Bible, you will find as part of Genesis the creation of Night and Day.  This does not mean, the literal creation of day and night.  It means that very early on in creation contrast and balance were defined and created. 

There are thus contrasts, balancing properties, but these are neither 'good' nor 'bad' they just are.


It is also abundantly clear that contrast was part of the objective of creation.  Why?

In order for us to operate within the world, what was created was a world of contrast, contrasting colours, contrasting sizes, contrasting sensations, contrasting tastes and so on.  Any living being cannot appreciate, for example, what ‘no pain’ is unless it has experienced ‘pain’.  It cannot know ‘happiness’ unless it has known ‘sadness’.  It will not know ‘cold’ unless it has experienced ‘hot’. 

Contrast provides the mechanism of perception, the means by which we and all our fellow living creatures can better understand what has been created and also survive and flourish within the creation.  Furthermore, contrast is needed in order for us as human beings to progress, move forward and learn.

William Blake –from The Complete Poems

Without contraries is no progression.  Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate are necessary for Human existence.

Thus contrast was provided in order that all living beings could operate within the creation – work, live, enjoy, co-create and appreciate the world.


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