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Alain Danielou – While the Gods Play 

THREE fundamental tendencies are the basis of the energetic relationships that form the substance of the world. These tendencies can be found in all aspects of the universe. They constitute the nature (svabhava) of Nature (Prakriti).

  • Tamas - The first of these tendencies is called Tamas, expansion (centrifugal force); it is responsible for the birth and destruction of the worlds, and the life and death of universes like those of the atoms or conglomerates that make up galaxies and living beings. Tamas is also the principle of unmeasured unidirectional time (maha-kala).
  • Sattva - The second tendency, called Sattva, is attraction. This is the centripetal force that causes particles and stars to be attracted to each other rather than repelled. It is this tendency which, by allowing condensation, is the principle of the formation of stars, the source of light.
  • Rajas - From these two conflicting tendencies the ‘current’ [vital spark]  that causes both vibratory movement and gravitation is born. It .. links together the particles and stars and gives birth to the formation of atomic and stellar systems. This third tendency, called Rajas, is the basis of the formation of matter but also governs the activities of the subtle energies such as perception and thought.

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