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Monroe, Robert - Nature as teacher



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Robert Monroe – Ultimate Journey

[The Earth] is an exquisite teaching machine.

[On it] … we learn measurement. It is a polarised environment where comparatives are possible .. hot or cold, strong or weak, hungry or full, love or hate ….

We operate physical energy both inside and outside our bodies. We experience and direct mental energy without ever truly knowing the details of how because it comes so naturally to us.... we learn to create in ways and methods we didn't know existed because they are unique to [our particular part of the universe].... this provides avenues of expression beyond description.

Similarly we learn the appreciation of beauty. We find it in a lowly rock, a stately fir tree, a thunderstorm, ocean surf, a cloud tinted sunset, a soft spoken word, a sweeping skyscraper tower, a musical chord, the leap of a leopard...

And we learn to laugh and have fun.

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Monroe, Robert

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