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Bruno, Giordano – Cause, principle and unity - 06 The Third Dialogue



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Giordano Bruno – from Cause, principle and unity

.... each individual point of the ecliptic contains the entire diameter of the sun. Thus, an indivisible is found to contain the divisible, and this is brought about not through any natural possibility, but through supernatural possibility – I mean, if one supposes this sun to be that which is in act all it can be.  

This absolute potency is not only what the sun can be, it is also what everything is and what everything can be. Potency of all potencies, act of all acts, life of all lives, soul of all souls, being of all beings; from whence the profound saying of the author of Revelation, 'He who is hath sent me to you; He who is speaks thus.'

And so, what is elsewhere contrary and opposed is one and the same in him, and everything in him is the same.

And you must reason regarding the differences of time and duration in the same manner as regarding the differences of actuality and possibility.

He is, therefore, neither ancient, nor new, so that the author of Revelation describes him rightly as ‘first and last’ [Isaiah 41:4]

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Bruno, Giordano

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