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Morrells, Luce and Pied crows, mum and aunty



Type of Spiritual Experience


An indication that her mother and aunty had shamanic capability and as a consequence so did she

A description of the experience

Another dream. I am in my parent's house. We are in their bedroom and the top window is open. There is a bed in the room, but otherwise it didn't look the same, it seemed to have more furniture. Mum was there and I think my eldest aunty from what I recall, this dream was quite hazy. All of a sudden a pied crow comes through the window followed by another. Mum and my aunty seem totally unperturbed by this and treat it as normal. I seem to remember they were talking and simply ignored these two as they flew round the room and just sort of took everything in. Of course it was a dream so nothing will be real, but there was no panic flying about trying to find the window, or white spots everywhere! Just two birds having a nosy around. Next thing I knew they'd gone out the window.

And my aunty and Mum just kept on talking.......

Maybe the dream is prompted by real life. I've had two birds recently actually fly into the room. In one case it was in a hotel and I was able to gently steer it back to the window and the second time I had to carefully cover the little thing with a black cloth and help it to fly away. And birds keep on flying against the pane. There is a blackbird that has spent ages tapping on the glass recently - attacking its reflection I suppose. So many birds. It has never happened before

The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

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