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A guardian is a security creature that prevents unauthorised access to areas of the spiritual world.  It is thus essentially a good spirit, however fearsome it may appear.  Guardians should therefore not be fought.  Apart from being pointless, it rather defeats the whole point of having security in the spiritual network.

Some of the guardians which are seen are truly terrifying, but they have to appear that way to discourage travellers from venturing any farther when they are not allowed to. That said they are not without spiritual teeth.   In general if you are allowed access to an area you will not see a guardian.

But, one of the highly complex aspects of the spiritual word is that demons can look like Guardians.  And demons need to be fought.  A person may encounter truly terrifying monsters in their journey around the spiritual world, but very often these are their own demons or the demons of others they have been unfortunate enough to encounter.  Demons are bad processes, even at worse evil programs.  Usually human invented they are symbolic representations of processes like torture or cruelty  and so on.  The traveller is expected to eradicate demons when he/she meets them.  Thus for demon read ‘evil or bad program’ and if they are your demons, it is for you to defeat them.  When George fought the dragon, it is possible he was fighting his own inadequacies.

How to tell the difference?  Guardians are generally found near portals, demons not.  But challenging them and finding out the context helps too.  The only guardian not found near a portal is a virus checker, but if you are not a virus you have nothing to fear from them.

I know that this sounds as if I am talking about a computer game, but computer games developers have borrowed from spiritual concepts


Types of guardian

There are literally millions of guardians in the spiritual world, but some have been immortalised because several people appear to have had visions of the same guardian. 

In terms of the classification of these millions of individual security spirits, there are some classifications that appear to occur quite regularly .  The main classifications are: 

  • Dragons – guard tunnels and caves
  • Guardians of the diamond
  • Guardians of the underworld
  • Guardians of the web/matrix
  • Giants – guardians of the Zodiac
  • Guardians of the Cardinal directions
  • Miscellaneous guardians



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