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Blake, William - And the North Gate of Golgonooza toward generation



Type of Spiritual Experience


Blake's "The Angel of Revelation"...

A description of the experience

William Blake – from the Complete Poems

And the North Gate of Golgonooza toward generation
Has four sculptured bulls terrible before the gate of iron
And iron, the bulls; and that which looks toward Ulro
Clay baked and enamelled, eternal glowing as four furnaces
Turning upon the wheels of Albion’s sons with enormous power
And that toward Beulah four gold silver brass and iron
And that toward Eden four formed of gold silver brass and iron

The South, a golden gate, has four lions terrible, living
That toward generation four of iron carved wondrous
That toward Ulro four clay baked laborious workmanship
That toward Eden four immortal gold silver  brass and iron

The Western gate fourfold is closed, having four Cherubim
Its guards, living, the work of elemental hands, laborious task
Like men, hermaphroditic, each winged with eight wings
That toward generation, iron; that toward Beulah stone;
That toward Ulro clay; that toward Eden, metal.
But all closed up till the last day, when the graves shall yield their dead

The Eastern gate fourfold; terrible and deadly its ornaments
Taking their forms from the Wheels of Albions sons; as cogs
Are formed in a wheel, to fit the cogs of the adverse wheel
That toward Eden, eternal ice, frozen in seven folds
Of forms of death; and that toward Beulah, stone
The seven diseases of the earth are carved terrible
And that toward Ulro forms of war; seven enormities
And that toward generation seven forms

And every part of the city is fourfold and every inhabitant fourfold
And every pot and vessel and garment and utensil of the houses
And every house fourfold

The source of the experience

Blake, William

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