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Egyptian Book of the Dead - Spell 127



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The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead – translated by R O Faulkner
Spell 127

The book of worshipping the gods of the caverns; what a man should say there when he reaches them in order to go in to see this god in the Great Mansion of the Netherworld.

Hail to you, gods of the caverns which are in the West!  Hail to you, door keepers of the Netherworld who guard this god and who bring news to the presence of Osiris!....

O you doorkeepers who guard your portals, who swallow souls and who gulp down the corpses of the dead who pass by you when they are allotted to the House of Destruction, who cause that the soul of every potent, great and holy spirit shall be led aright to the place of the Silent Land, even he who is a soul like Re who is praised and like Osiris who is praised. 

May you guide N, may you open the portals for him, may the earth open its caverns to him, may you make him triumphant over his enemies.  So shall he give gifts to Him of the Netherworld; he shall make the head cloth potent for its wearer within the hidden chamber as the image of Horakhty.

'May the soul of the potent spirit be led aright; how mighty is that which is in his hands!', say the two great and mighty gods concerning N.  They rejoice over him, they acclaim him with what is in their hands, they give him their protection so that he may live.  N has appeared as a living one who is in the sky, it has been commanded to him to assume his own shape, he is vindicated in the tribunal, and the gates of the sky, earth and the Netherworld are opened for him as for Re.

N says:  Open for me the gates of sky, earth and the Netherworld, for I am the soul of Osiris, and I am at peace thereby.  I pass by their courts, and they give  praise when they see me; I have gone in favoured and I have come out beloved; I have journeyed, and no fault of any kind has been found in me

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Egyptian Book of the Dead

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