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Category: Actions



Introduction and description

Bing Wright

Hate is the opposite of LOVE and also the opposite of Don't hurt. 

It is a deliberate act, not accidental.

The intention of Hate is often to hurt.  It is a function of destruction and dissolution.  Its intention is to destroy - deliberately.

In the system of contrasts devised as part of the Strategy of the great work, hate and destruction are a needed part of the overall plan, competition between the dark forces of destruction and the forces of Light are a needed strategy.  Without such tension nothing moves, there is no change, no evolution.  Pain, of course, results, pain in those who suffer from all this hate unleashed, but, as we shall see, often in the hater.

I was initially not sure at all about putting hate as an activity.  In the first place, this site is supposed to be about heaven not hell, but hell there is on earth, as such it cannot be lightly brushed under the carpet.  Furthermore, hate provokes spiritual experiences, not pleasant ones, but it does provoke them, so it cannot be ignored. 

Acts of overwhelming anger are acts of hate and have produced hallucinations and other experiences;  acts of physical abuse [flagellation for example] against one's own person [self abuse] is an act of self-hate and has produced experiences; where a person has deliberately provoked overwhelming fear and terror in themselves, it is an act of hate and, again, has produced experiences.  So hate does produce spiritual experience in the hater as a result of extreme emotion.

Hate and demons


Hate produces demons

It can produce demons in those hated, but it also creates demons in the hater. 

One of the most intriguing things about demons is that even when they are aimed at another person, they have to have been created first by the sender - the hater -  so they are in the psyche of the person who created them. 

And these demons are often seen in spiritual experiences.  They are seen in dreams, in hallucinations, in drug induced visions, in nightmares.  Demons we have created return to haunt us.

They also return to make us ill, of which more in a moment.

Demons of hate of others

Maybe the person has learnt how to be sadistic, or cruel, or maybe they like to play nasty little practical jokes on people to see them squirm.  Perhaps they gossip about others in a malicious way, perhaps they are spiteful or vindictive or vicious, anti-social and hurtful, perhaps they are rude and thoughtless in what they say or do.


Then there are the truly nasty demons  – rape demons, torture demons, abuse demons, neglect demons.  One of the more interesting aspects of demons is that those a person has created in this way can, in dreams, visions and hallucinations, turn on them and inflict on them what they have inflicted on others.  Thus if you have tortured the cat or a butterfly at one time, stolen something, hurt someone or something, in effect you have created this 'software', it is in your psyche and when you have a vision or dream and it is invoked, you will see it as a demonic figure torturing you!

A nightmare is a good indicator that something nasty lurks below………………..

The peddlers of hate ranting in the ears of the gullible and easily influenced.  Fanatics, bigots, teachers of evil may create demons, but may in their dreams actually meet them.  And everyone has to sleep sometime.

Demons of self-hate


 Sometimes we hurt ourselves by what we do. 

Perhaps we deliberately starve ourselves, drink ourselves silly, gorge until we are too bloated to walk. 

These are not nasty harmful hurtful demons which affect others; these are demons that affect only us

These are self inflicted demons - self-abuse demons.

These demons are a wake up call.  They are telling us that our actions are destructive to us – we need to change our ways.


Hate and illness

There is an interesting correlation between hate and illness.

All diseases – dis-eases in fact -  have a physical cause, in that environmental attackers – and an increasingly more alarming number – attack our organs.  The physical attackers are:



 Every illness on this site appears to be caused by these main types of pathogen.

But one of the mysteries that remains is why, in some people,  they have absolutely no effect at all and are easily squashed, subdued or killed by the immune system; and why, in other people, they go on to produce illness - sometimes very quickly.

And the answer appears to be in the mind - in the power of the mind to provoke an immune response or not.  The immune system appears to react based on emotion.  If it detects hate it ceases to defend, if it detects love, it defends.

The power of love to heal and hate to destroy, is no better demonstrated than the contrast between a healer like Jesus or in the so-called placebo effect [which is simply an act of caring]; and the effects of the sorceror/shamans with their death prayers.

In those who believe death prayers work, death prayers work, it is as simple as that.

But a 'good shaman' could reverse such prayers by exactly the same power of the mind - ceremony, ritual, the use of 'soul loss retrieval'.  The immune system can be turned on and off.  The troops can be rallied, or they can give up and let the marauders storm and destroy the castle.

In effect, therefore, the demons we create are 'real', they are like computer viruses - software viruses that we have created, but which are now turning on their creator.

Demons, illnesses and organs


If we are attacked by the pathogens above, why they should attack one organ in one person, no organs in another and every organ in someone else!

The attackers are always the same attackers, whoever we may be, as such it seems to be strange that people suffer from so many different kinds of disease.  Why should one person die from pancreatic cancer, another from cardiac arrest and another from simple old age at 103!

Why should a pathogen attack one part of the body in preference to another?

Louise Hay, in her book You can Heal your Life, put forward the theory that specific emotions were linked to specific organs.  In other words, if we take a functional view of the body each organ is actually associated functionally to a type of emotion.  Exactly the same approach is used in Traditional Chinese medicine, the organs are associated with emotions in the Five Elements Table of correspondences.

If I now use the software/hardware analogy, although the brain has specific processors [organs] for sight, memory, learning and so on, the emotions or feelings are not actually processed in the amygdala – this processor merely provides a channelling processor for the brain.  Where emotions actually reside is the organs themselves.

So, for example, perhaps the function of love does indeed reside in the heart and the function of courage resides in the intestines [that lad has guts, he is shit scared]!  Reside may not be the correct word as it implies that the function is stored on that organ.  It may be, it may not be, but it probably does get processed there.  The very fact that organs when transplanted carry emotions with them – emotions that sometimes are inexplicable to the transplant donor – seems to indicate organs may be both processors and storage at the same time – dedicated micro processors.

So what happens to provoke ‘DIS-EASE’?


Where a negative emotion [hate or hurt] reaches overload levels it then ‘stresses’ [metaphorically speaking] the corresponding organ so much it becomes a point of vulnerability.

In effect where we become ill is dependent on which negative emotion is being expressed.  Hurt and terrible heart ache may result in heart problems – the physical cause of the final physical illness may be a bacterial infection, a toxin, a virus or any of the other pathogens taking a hold and destroying the organ, but this is only possible because the organ has become compromised through the high emotion we are feeling.

The immune system is our only protection against attackers, as such we know that disease will result when our immune system is compromised in some way.  There are physical attackers of our immune system, this we can see from the links.  But it also seems to be the case that high levels of emotion associated with an organ affects the ability of the immune system to protect that organ.  It is almost as if the negativity slams the door on the immune system response.

So if I summarise so far.

Each organ has a corresponding emotion.  High overload levels of emotion [usually hate or hurt] compromise the ability of the immune system to protect that organ.  Once it is vulnerable, then all the pathogens responsible for disease can set to work and start to destroy the organ itself. 

Thus disease is dis-ease.

Types of hurt and organs

Louise Hay provides a very very detailed analysis of dis-eases and their corresponding emotions, but it does not tie in too well with the TCM system.  So we have a problem.  There are points of correspondence and there are points of divergence.

Thus at this stage all I can do is to try to provide a synthesis of the ideas I have found from all the different systems and present them to you for discussion.  Remember this table is not 'right', it is there as a sort of straw dog - to be shot down in flames!!

Su Zhe  "Heaven and Earth are not partial. .... when we make straw dogs to use in sacrifices, we dress them up and put them on the altar, but not because we love them. And when the ceremony is over, we throw them into the street, but not because we hate them."

 Follow this LINK, which takes you to the science section.

Expunging demons

There is a section within 'common steps' which provides quite a lot of help with expunging demons [yours and those inflicted on you]  - follow this LINK.

How it works

Why do people get spiritual experiences from Hate?  One rather unwanted spiritual experience occasionally generated is Psychokinesis and it appears that environmental influence can figure quite strongly in the experiences. 

But overall, these effects can also be produced by all forms of extreme emotion.  Thus Hate produces experience via the same mechanisms as those which cause extreme emotion.

References and further reading


The photos on this page

The images on this page are a series called Broken Mirror/Evening Sky  by New York photographer Bing Wright who captured the reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors. The final prints are displayed quite large, measuring nearly 4′ across by 6′ tall, to give the appearance of stained glass windows. The images seemed to capture perfectly the shattering effect hate can have, but also the chance to see through the cracked surface and find something of the Light behind.


Eric Mead: The magic of the placebo - this interesting video is about the power of the mind on illness and health.  Sugar pills, injections of nothing — studies show that, more often than you'd expect, placebos really work. At TEDMED, magician Eric Mead does a trick to prove that, even when you know something's not real, you can still react as powerfully as if it is. (Warning: This talk is not suitable for viewers who are disturbed by needles or blood.)

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