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Freddie Mercury - Death on two legs



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This is how to channel real anger and hate into something creative instead.

Freddie Mercury – His Life in his own Words [compiled by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton]

Now then. .. Death On Two Legs was the most vicious lyric I ever wrote. It was so vindictive that Brian felt bad singing it. No-one would ever believe how much hate and venom went into the singing of that song, let alone the lyrics themselves. Just listen to the words carefully kiddies. It's a nasty little number which brings out my evil streak.

I don't usually like to explain what I was thinking when I wrote that song It's about a nasty old man that I used to know. The words came very easy to me.

I decided that if I wanted to stress something strongly, like that, I might as well go the whole hog and not compromise. I had a tough time trying to get the lyrics across. I wanted to make them as coarse as possible. My throat was bleeding – the whole bit. I was changing lyrics every day trying to get it as vicious as possible. When the others first heard it they were in a state of shock. When I was describing it, they went, "Oh yeah!" but then they saw the words and they were frightened by it. But for me the step had been taken and I was completely engrossed in it, swimming in it. I was a demon for a few days.

The album needed a strong opening and what better way than to have the first, words, ‘You suck my blood like a leech’ Initially it was going to have the intro then everything stop, and the words, 'You, suck, my ****’ – but that was going too far.

Let’s just say that the song has made its mark!

A description of the experience

"Death On Two Legs"

You suck my blood like a leech
You break the law and you preach
Screw my brain till it hurts
You've taken all my money and you want more,

Misguided old mule
With your pigheaded rules
With your narrow-minded cronies who are fools of the first division-

Death on two legs
You're tearing me apart,
Death on two legs
You never had a heart of your own

Kill joy, Bad guy,
Big talking, Small fry
You're just an old barrow - boy
Have you found a new toy to replace me,
Can you face me

But now you can kiss my ass goodbye

Feel good, are you satisfied

Do you feel like suicide (I think you should)
Is your conscience all right
Does it plague you at night,
Do you feel good, feel good?

Talk like a big business tycoon,
You're just a hot air balloon,
So no one gives you a damn,
You're just an overgrown school boy
Let me tan your hide.

Dog with disease,
You're the king of the 'sleaze'
Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Know all,
Was the fin on your back part of the deal...(shark!)

Death on two legs
Tearing me apart
Death on two legs
You never had a heart of your own,
(You never did, right from the start)

Insane should be put inside,
You're a sewer rat decaying in a cesspool of pride
Should be made unemployed
Then make yourself null and void,
Make me feel good
I feel good.

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Freddie Mercury and Queen

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