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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Slander



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Tirrukural, the - Book 1 Slander

181.  Even to ignore virtue and to hurt
Is not so bad as to earn a slanderer's name.

182. Worse than scoffing at virtue and committing hurt
Is to slander behind one's back and smile to his face.

183. Better die and save one's soul
Than slander, pretend and live.

184. Better heartless words to a man's face
Than thoughtless ones at his back.

185. A slanderer's meanness will betray
His virtuous pose.

186. A slanderer invites a searching censure
Of his own faults.

187.  Those who cannot laugh and make friends
Can only slander and make foes.

188.  What won't they do to strangers
Who broadcast their friends' faults?

189.  The earth bears a scandalmonger
Only for the sake of duty.

190.  Can there be evil if we can see
Our own faults like those of others?

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Tirrukural, the

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