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Trine, Ralph Waldo

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Ralph Waldo Trine was a writer and one of the early mentors of the 'New Thought Movement'.

His life appears relatively unremarkable at first glance. He was born on 6th September, 1866, in Mount Morris, northern Illinois and educated at Carthage College Academy, Knox College. He studied at the University of Wisconsin and later at John Hopkins University in the fields of history and political science.

After spending some time as a graduate student at the latter University, he became a special correspondent for The Boston Daily Evening Transcript. He married Grace Hyde, an author and poetess and they had a son, Robert. He began his writing career in his early 30s. He was much influenced by Emerson and the Scottish scientist/evangelist, Henry Drummond. His first book was called "What All the World's A-Seeking"

And then he wrote "In Tune with the Infinite".


The book was launched in 1897 and went on to sell over 2 million copies.  Furthermore, it has stood the test of time.  It is still in print and still selling well. It was read by Queen Victoria, Janet Gaynor and Henry Ford. After reading the book, Ford is supposed to have ordered it en mass, and distributed copies freely to high profile industrialists.

Trine wrote over a dozen books and was still writing into his 70s. He died peacefully at a fine age of 91 on 22nd February, 1958, in an elderly living facility for religious professionals, Plymouth Place, Claremont, California.

He moved there years earlier from a home in the Hudson River valley. In California, Trine “spent his time in quiet leisure, planting and tending fruit trees!

He retired there with his wife only a few years before his death.

Although he never sought fame or fortune for himself, and although his name remains largely unknown, he left as his legacy a book that his influenced millions – literally.

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