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Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas

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I found the following on a site dedicated to healing and describes the writer's meeting with just two of these remarkable people.  The article is interesting enough to stand on its own as a biography.  The observations provide some more detail on the movement as a whole.

Psychic Surgery Part Four: More Incredible Healers, Josephine Sison & Juanito Flores Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 8:17PM

All of the modern day psychic healers in the Philippines originated from a 30 km radius in the lowlands of the province of Pangasianan, north of Manila (the capital of the Philippines). Many of them have moved on to other regions, but two (in addition to Terte) remain in their birthplace: Josephine Sison and Juanito Flores.  Like Terte, both Josephine and Juanito lived in small, isolated villages. They were so remote in fact, a great deal of patience and endurance was required to track them down, as well as a generous measure of faith and belief that the dusty trails I travelled would actually lead somewhere.

Josephine Sison.

I arrived at Josephine’s place to be told that she would be with us as soon as she had finished hanging out the washing. She turned up half an hour later and walked straight past us into her little chapel. She seemed rude at first but I was later to realise that she was shy and embarrassed in front of foreigners.

There was a banner hanging above the alter: “GOD DOES THE HEALING - I AM ONLY THE INSTRUMENT. PLEASE PRAY”.

These simple words summed up a remarkably gifted woman with an aura of compassion surrounding her.

Every healer in the Philippines seemed to have a specialty; Josephine’s specialty was putting cotton wool in the ears. When people complained of headache, congestion, and or concentration issues - anything connected to their head or mind - Josephine soaked some cotton wool in coconut oil (that had been blessed) and pushed the sodden mass into the patient’s ear canal until it could no longer be seen. A few minutes later, she would pull the wool back out the opposite ear; it would always go in clean and come out the other ear black.

On occasion, she would advise the patient to return the next day for the wool to be extracted. “It absorbs the toxins,” Josephine would say (some months later I saw an X-ray of a person’s head, who had been given the cotton wool treatment, and the outline of the cotton wool could clearly be seen in the middle of the cranium).

I later came to understand what the healer had actually done with the cotton wool - she had moved it from the physical dimension and transposed it into the psychic dimension; that’s why it could be transported in one ear and out the other. Then when she pulled the cotton wool out, she in fact pulled it back into the 3-dimensional world and it once again became visible (whether you’re a cynic or a believer, let’s face it - there was no way this process could have taken place in the physical dimension alone).

People reported a great deal of relief from Josephine’s cotton wool psychic surgery.

Similarly, we found no one at home when we arrived at Juanito Flores’ place. When we finally found someone and asked where the healer was, “over there” was the reply. In the distance, we could just make out a lone figure several hundred meters away in the distant rice paddies. It’s a very interesting exercise in working out how to get to someone in the middle of a rice paddy since you cannot go straight – you have to follow the banks that surround the water logged paddies. When we finally made our way to him, we met an equally shy and humble healer. Juanito advised us, through an interpreter, that we should return tomorrow, as today was farming rice day; tomorrow was healing day.

When we turned up the next day, we were told that Juanito would only perform five healings and these people he would select from the audience. Too bad if you had travelled around the world to see him! It would only happen if “The Spirit willed it”.

"Spiritual Surgery"

A young man soon lay on the treatment table. Juanito poked at the guy’s exposed abdomen and looked around. He picked up a pair of not too clean looking scissors and stabbed them into the bewildered fully conscious patient. By my side stood a Scottish surgeon, staring in disbelief.

”We are all hypnotised!” he declared.

“Don’t be so bloody silly,” countered his wife, excited by what she was witnessing.

“He has a razor blade up his sleeve,” The bewildered surgeon grappling for an explanation.

“Oh he has short sleeves,” said his much more open-minded wife, impatiently.

I watched as the Scottish surgeon’s mind battled with what broke all the rules he had spent a lifetime following. I could almost hear his tortured mind saying, “How is this possible? No it isn’t possible! We are being tricked!”

Later, I wondered what the conversation would have been at the dinner table later that night between he and his wife.

Meanwhile, Juanito had drawn the patient’s intestinal mass out of his abdomen and pointed to a large bulge in the intestines.

“Pus,” he muttered and promptly stabbed the area with the dicey looking scissors.

Next, he rolled the intestinal tube like it was a cigarette. As he did this his assistant wiped up the pus. The patient looked like he was about to pass out. Flores pushed the mass back into the young man’s body, pulled him to his feet and said, “You’re finished. Stop drinking so much.”

The young fellow staggered off looking very ‘green’, the Scottish surgeon not far behind him.

All of the healings Flores performed were visually spectacular; you could clearly see what was going on. Watching the Scottish surgeon that day showed me how much our beliefs govern our reality - there was no way that what happened that day was in any way part of his reality.

I was blessed to have met these two remarkable healers and to have had the opportunity to witness their wonderful healing abilities.



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