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George Meek's study of the work of the Philippine healers



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The Romeo Error – Lyall Watson

In March 1973, George Meek led a team of nine scientists to the Philippines. These were experts in medicine, psychiatry and physics from Switzerland, Britain, Germany, Japan and the United States. They brought with them fifty of their own patients with known medical histories, for treatment. They saw more than ten of the healers in action and conducted some simple experiments with them, and at the end of their investigation.

Meek concluded that "the factual existence and daily practice of several types of psycho-energetic phenomena by several native healers was clearly established. The practice of materializing and dematerializing human blood, tissue and organs as well as non-human objects was found." All members of the group signed a testimony which declared that, in the operations they saw there was no fraud, there were no anaesthetics, no sterile precautions and no cases of infection or post-operative shock.

One of the team was himself the subject of an operation.

Donald Westerbeke, a biochemist from San Francisco, suffered from loss of vision produced by a brain tumour that was diagnosed in the United States as inoperable. He had two sessions with Tony Agpaoa of Baguio and his vision was immediately restored. On return to the States, his physicians could find no trace of the tumour.

Olga Farhit of Los Angeles suffered from paralysis produced by a disease involving deterioration of the bone marrow in her head and shoulders-a condition determined by biopsy at Mount Sinai and the Cedars of Lebanon hospitals in 1965.

Agpaoa removed a "tremendous mass of cartilage and blood" and on her return to Los Angeles, X-rays and tissue samples were taken at St. Vincent's Hospital. Her surgeon commented, "I don't know what to say, but there's nothing left except scar tissue. It's like something went in and cleaned you out."

The Luzon healers are particularly adept at removing diseased tissue, blood clots and pus. I have seen them treat appendicitis, excise growths from the breast, remove cysts and bladder stones, shrink varicose veins and haemorrhoids and even treat several types of cancer with apparent success. In all these cases, it seems that the cures are real and permanent.

Sigrun Seutemann, a physician and homeopath from Karlsruhe, has made a dozen trips to the Philippines, taking a total of over a thousand patients from Europe, and her case histories show dramatic proof of improvement.................

Every single one of the healers, every day of their lives, demonstrates the repeated ability to materialize and dematerialize living tissue. In the operations I saw, I could never be certain that the body wall had been opened, but there was absolutely no doubt about the reality of the blood and tissue that appears on the surface. I took blood samples from a friend before, during and after a simple operation on a cyst on her arm, and supervjsed their typing in a laboratory in Manila city. They were all the same blood.

Hiroshi Motoyama had blood obtained during an operation on a Japanese woman typed by the medical school at Tokyo university and it matched that of a sample taken later from the patient by a hospital in Chiba.

But the gory mess in which the healers dabble so impressively does not always come from inside the patient’s body.

In one series of tests conducted by the Swiss psychiatrist Hans Naegeli, the blood samples taken during the operations failed to match any of the patients involved. Two of the three samples were identical and the third was not even human but apparently from a sheep-despite the fact that the nearest sheep to the Philippines may be those in Australia. 

Seutemann watched more than six thousand operations and she estimates that the body is opened in only a very small percentage and then only by the most developed of the healers, particularly Tony Agpaoa.  She also feels that the tissue which materializes on the surface of the body is non-human in about ninety-eight per cent of all the operations.

This does not mean that any kind of fraud is involved. I have watched the operations sufficiently closely to be able to say quite unequivocally that in the ones I saw there was no possibility of sleight-of-hand or of the tissue being prepared before the operation and concealed in any way. I have witnessed full-scale materializations in operations done on the spur-of-the-moment in a hotel room in Manila.

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Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas

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