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Category: Medicines



Introduction and description

Vaccines have caused considerable controversy recently.  I do not propose to enter the debate, but the following description may help in the discussions taking place.  You will have to bear with me on the rather long explanation, but it is needed to explain why vaccines produce spiritual experiences.

What is a vaccine?

We are attacked environmentally by Bacteria, Parasites, Viruses, Toxins including heavy metals and drugs, heat and cold, nutritional deprivation, inappropriate gases [leading to asphyxia and hypoxia], radiation, emotional hurt, physical hurt and poisons

Vaccines aim to provide us with protection against viruses, although there are some, such as the diptheria vaccine that protect against bacteria.

Viruses do not belong to the 5 kingdoms into which life is normally classified. They differ from living cells in that they are unable to reproduce independently of cells – they can only reproduce inside living cells - us.  Although, they are not made of cells, the nucleic acids of many viruses contain DNA sequences similar to those of their host cells.  This makes them very difficult to eradicate, as any attempt using chemicals to destroy them runs the risk of destroying our own cells.  The best deterrent is our immune system as it [generally] knows where the virus is  and will act against it, if it becomes active.

There are two main ways in which viruses which attack humans have been tackled - vaccines and antivirals

  • Vaccines- aim to bolster the body’s immune system to better attack viruses in the "complete particle" stage, outside of the organism's cells – before it attaches to the host’s cell. They traditionally consist of a version of the virus which is a weakened form of the real thing.  It is given in what should be a tiny dose with the intention of stimulating the immune system without doing harm. In effect, vaccines use the fact that the body is able to build up its immunological memory using the tiny dose of virus you have given it.  And it creates anti-bodies that can be used if a real attack comes along.  When the real pathogen attacks the subject, the immune system  responds to it using the anti-bodies and blocks it. Vaccines are effective on stable viruses, but are more difficult to successfully deploy against rapidly mutating viruses, such as influenza

  • Anti-virals – are intended to be used for patients who have already been infected with a virus, where the virus has actually entered their cells and has started the disease. They are actually no more use than vaccines on very unstable viruses but given a stable virus, they are of use.

If I put this in very simplistic terms, the immune system is like the fighting unit of an army for your body.  In giving someone a vaccine you are training this fighting unit to recognise one type of enemy by helping them remember what the enemy looked like and accumulating the weapons needed to fight it off if it comes in any real numbers.

What is in a vaccine?

Vaccines have three groups of substances in them

  • An adjuvant -  an adjuvant is a pharmacological agent that modifies the effect of other agents. Adjuvants may be added to vaccine to modify the immune response by boosting it.  The reason for adding adjuvants is to minimise the amount of virus or bacteria etc with which we are being injected.  Adjuvants may also be used to enhance the efficacy of vaccine by helping to subvert the immune response, for example by activating the T cells instead of antibody-secreting B cells.
  • An agent  - resembles a disease-causing microorganism and may be made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins or one of its surface proteins.  It is worth adding that some of these are active viruses or bacteria that in theory have been cultivated under conditions that disable their virulent properties.  Some of these are also new strains of bacteria and virus.  I quote "The live Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine developed by Calmette and Guérin is not made of a contagious strain, but contains a virulently modified strain called "BCG" ....  Attenuated vaccines have some advantages and disadvantages. They typically provoke more durable immunological responses and are the preferred type for healthy adults. But they are not safe for use in immunocompromised individuals.  Furthermore, they may rarely mutate to a virulent form and cause disease".  I hope the implications of the last sentence are understood.
  • The excipient - An excipient is a natural or synthetic substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication.  It is included for the purpose of 'bulking-up' drugs that contain potent active ingredients, or to help during manufacturing, use or simply making it last longer or as the text books say "to aid in vitro stability such as prevention of denaturation over the expected shelf life".  Quite a good though not yet complete list of vaccines with their excipient contents is provided on Wikipedia, follow this LINK.

The problems with Vaccines

1.  Viruses are the cause of untold other illnesses

Attenuated and other live viruses - The name for a vaccine that has a live virus in it is an attenuated vaccine.   Although most attenuated vaccines are viral, some are bacterial in nature. Examples include the viral diseases yellow fever, measles, rubella, and mumps, and the bacterial disease typhoid.

The live Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine contains a virulently modified strain called "BCG" used to elicit an immune response to the vaccine. The live attenuated vaccine-containing strain Yersinia pestis EV is used for plague immunization.

Flu vaccines are available either as

  • TIV, QIV (injection of trivalent or quadrivalent, killed vaccine)
  • LAIV, Q/LAIV (nasal spray of live attenuated influenza vaccine)

A virus may be with you for life - Virus latency is the ability of a pathogenic virus to lie dormant (latent) within a cell. Latency is the phase in certain viruses' life cycles in which, after initial infection, proliferation of virus particles ceases. However, the viral genome is not fully eradicated. The result of this is that the virus can reactivate and begin producing large amounts of viral progeny without the host being infected by new outside virus. In the old days [1970s] they called it slow infection. Examples of viruses that have this capability include the Herpes Virus family, Herpesviridae, including the chicken pox virus [VZV] and the Herpes simplex viruses (HSV-1, HSV-2), the Epstein-Barr Virus, HPV, Cytomegalovirus [CMV], the Rubella virus, the BK virus , mumps virus, Hepatitis types A and B, the rubeola or the Measles virus, [paramyxovirus of the genus Morbillivirus], and the vaccinia virus. 

There are more. At the moment of writing,  this is a subject of research as it is only recently that there has been a realisation that viruses play such an important role in serious illness.

The diseases caused by the virus at the latent stage, are always different from the ones caused in the first stages of infection. If we just take rubella as an example, later stage diseases include dementia, encephalitis, heart disease, hearing loss, cataracts, glaucoma and uveitis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Viruses that can cause latent infection can also cause cancer. The latent infection can transform the cell, and force the cell into uncontrolled cell division. This is a result of the random insertion of the viral genome into the hosts own gene and expression of host cellular growth factors for the benefit of the virus.

If you turn to any of the illnesses on the site, you will be able to see - under the 'Cause' section which viruses are implicated in each disease.  As this site was not intended to be a medical site, the list of viruses may not be complete, as the purpose of finding the cause on the site is to try to identify why someone had a spiritual experience.  The PubMed site, however,  needs to be referenced to establish all the viruses implicated.

If a person is vaccinated with ANY LIVE VIRUS able to exhibit virus latency, one has to all intents and purposes given them disease not eradicated disease.

Thus vaccination is in some senses a very very risky strategy if a live virus is used, as you are giving someone a dose of a virus they have not got, in the hope they build up enough immunity to fight it off now and well into the future - all their lives.  

Vaccination at the best of times  is a balancing act - how serious are the effects of the virus in relation to the disease it creates?  Lest we forget, Smallpox was responsible for an estimated 300–500 million deaths during the 20th century.  And here is an extract from a doctor during the 1918 flu pandemic:
"It is only a matter of a few hours then until death comes [...]. It is horrible. One can stand it to see one, two or twenty men die, but to see these poor devils dropping like flies [...]. We have been averaging about 100 deaths per day [...]. ..... We have lost an outrageous number of Nurses and Drs. It takes special trains to carry away the dead. For several days there were no coffins and the bodies piled up something fierce"

So vaccination is not wrong in principle, what is wrong is that live viruses are used.

Viruses travel round your body - Once in your body, a virus is not a dormant thing, it travels around.  If you look briefly at the description of the herpes simplex virus you will see that over time it gets everywhere.  We may think of herpes simplex as the cause of a rather embarrassing genital infection or cold sores, but we need to think again. 

Viruses are a principal cause of disease, not the only cause, but a very major one.  They cause cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, ...... the list could go on and on.....organ damage on a massive scale, and are responsible for numerous deaths.  In a strategy I find difficult to understand, viruses kill their host even though they cannot survive without a host.

The Mumps virus, for example, can cause cancer in later life. Ovarian cancer is associated with the mumps virus. By giving  a person a dose of live virus, particularly a virulent one, we may be storing up serious problems for later if they ever suffer serious immune compromisation

A virus lays dormant, subdued by the immune system until the immune system is at a low ebb and then back it comes with a vengeance, doing  internal damage we are unaware of, or erupting visibly like the herpes virus or shingles virus does. 

A virus once in the body is forever a risk and it is a particular risk to a person or baby or child whose immune system has been compromised.  This is true whether the virus has been caught, or whether it has been acquired by vaccination. 

In essence, if a person has been vaccinated by a live virus we need to be sure that we never compromise that person's immune system. 

My personal view is that the use of live viruses should be completely discontinued.

As this is such an important subject I have provided a detailed description of all the things that can compromise a person's immune system - see Immune system compromise.

In some ways development of vaccines is putting the cart way before the horse and it is a runaway cart liable to do untold damage.  We do not know the entirety of diseases or illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria, nor do we know precisely whether each one is eradicated by the immune system or simply lies low.  To give anyone a live virus when this information is not known, carries enormous risk.

2. A vaccinated person is a carrier

We saw that some vaccines can contain live viruses and bacteria.   An attenuated vaccine is a vaccine created by reducing the virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable (or "live"), but we also saw that there are even some  'virulently modified strains' of virus in some vaccines.

Viruses do not die, they lay low in the person vaccinated subdued by the antibodies, until the person's immune system is low - then they attack the holder of the virus again - vaccine or no vaccine [people who have had chicken pox remember still get shingles] - or they see a chance to escape and infect someone with whom that person comes into contact.  Thus a vaccinated person is a carrier of disease - and a very very major carrier of disease.

By vaccinating in large numbers we run the risk of starting epidemics of major deadly viruses all over the world.  A vaccinated Bill Gates only has to go to Africa, for example, and he could spread Herpes to the entire population or Influenza or any number of other deadly diseases. 

Viruses and epidemics don't suddenly appear by magic, or from animal populations, they get carried there by people and those people are more likely to be vaccinated people.

3.  No tests

No tests are ever made before a vaccine is given of the state of the baby, child, adult or old person's immune system.  One person may be seriously immunocompromised at the time the vaccine is given, from nutritional deprivation or stress or fatigue, grief, pharmaceutical overdose, cold, lack of sleep, and so on.  If the person is already onto a losing wicket immunologically, the immune system will regard anything injected as a serious threat, 9 out of 10 in the scale of serious invaders.  So the immune system will have marked the invader as very very high risk.  Indeed it may be very very high risk if a highly virulent strain is used.  This has relevance for the next problem, apart from the problems this causes in the immunologically compromised at the time.  The observations provide more detail

4.  Reaction to the excipient

There are a very diverse range of substances that go into the excipient.  Some of them are foods, some of them are theoretically 'just chemicals' but on looking further one finds chemicals that to the manufacturer are just useful filling agents, but in fact to the consumer are anything but - one flu vaccine, for example, has an ingredient with a DNA profile very similar to that of the insulation (called the myelin) that protects the motor system nerves in the human body [see Autoimmune diseases for a fuller explanation].  Some contain phenols.  Phenol derivatives can be Endocrine disruptors , I am not saying the ones used are, but some phenols derivates are known to be. 

Wikipedia has a useful list which is being amended and added to all the time of what is in the excipients of some major vaccines.  In order to understand why this is a problem we now need to look at the process itself - what happens after a vaccination.

5. Reaction to the container

This is best described using an example. The actinidain found in kiwifruit has been found to be an allergen for some individuals.  Specifically, people allergic to latex, bananas, papayas, or pineapples are likely to also be allergic to kiwifruit.  This is an intriguing finding, because food allergies are very often caused by vaccines because of the excipient in the vaccines, thus some vaccines must contain a latex like product.  

And what do we find?  That some vaccines are prefilled syringe vaccination products, and the tip cap and the rubber plunger of the needleless prefilled syringes contain dry natural latex rubber, so in effect the latex gets into the excipient.

6. Nanoparticles

It apears that some vaccines are delivered using nanoparticles.  It is almost impossible to determine from the fact sheets which vaccines are delivered this way, as the manufacturers do not appear to have to declare they use nanoparticles.  Their use, however, was being discussed back in 1995.

Nanoparticles as adjuvants for vaccines. -Kreuter J. Pharm Biotechnol. 1995;6:463-72. Review.PMID: 7551231

Nanoparticles are known to cause genetic mutations.  As such their use is inviting  a whole host of immediate disease and long term illness, with the possibility of genetic mutations carried through to subsequent generations for time immemorial .......

....DNA damage occurs chemically or physically by nanomaterials. Chemical and physical damage are associated with point mutation by free radicals and double strand brake, respectively. The failure of DNA repair and accumulation of mutations might occur when inflammation is prolonged, and finally normal cells could become malignant. These free radicals can not only damage cells but also induce signaling molecules containing immunoreaction. Nanoparticles and asbestos also induce the production of free radicals. .... Taken together,... a variety of diseases [may be] induced by nanomaterials. PMID: 25097864

The vaccination process


What happens when we are vaccinated?  The agent, the excipient and the adjuvant go directly into the blood stream.  What does the adjuvant do?  It boosts the immune system.  The immune system then does two things:

  • It sets about fighting the invaders, if it can
  • It builds a pathogenic record of all the foreign substances in the blood at the time.  Thus:
    • everything in the vaccine including everything that was injected with the agent
    • anything in the blood at the time, that cannot be recognised and against which the immune system may already be fighting

The fight -  The more invaders, the greater the fight.  Both variety and number.  The immune system has to find, learn about and defeat each pathogen.  If you are already full of toxins, heavy metals, viruses, fungi, unprocessed food particles [from a leaky gut] and bacteria,  the fight required to defeat the agents in the vaccine will be monumental.   If you have a compromised immune system already the fight will be even more monumental.  And you may lose.  And some vulnerable people do.

The record - The immune system creates antibodies to fight the invaders - these antiodies then stay in the body acting as a record of the pathogen.  Equally important and often forgotten is that the immune system also keeps a record of how dangerous those pathogens were so that it can mount an appropriate response in future.  The more the immune system had to fight, the greater the 'danger rating' of the pathogen.

Remember that whatever 'foreign body' is in our blood stream at the time of the vaccination will be classified with an antibody - agent, bacteria, fungi, viruses, toxins [like heavy metals], and parasites - all very good.

But what if we have unprocessed food particles from a 'leaky gut'?  What if we have been given pharmaceuticals?  And what about the excipient contents - which can contain milk solids, peanut oil, various sorts of sugars, gelatine, eggs, Monosodium glutamate, Mercury [as thiomersal - as far as I can judge practically all the 'flu vaccines contain mercury.  Apart from the problems with heavy metal poisoning we may become allergic to our dental fillings], antibiotics, yeast,  Phenols....

All these are now marked as pathogens.  And if the immune response needed was considerable, they are marked as serious pathogens. 

  • Some of the contents of the excipient can be classified as foods, or we may have food particles from a leaky gut, which is why we get food 'allergies'
  • Some of the contents of the excipient can be classified as 'allergens', or there may just happen to be 'allergens' there, which is why we get Asthma and allergies. 
  • And some of the contents of the excipient look like our nerves, which is why we may get nervous system diseases and autoimmune diseases - MS, ME, motor neurone disease, plus a whole host of other so called auto-immune system nervous diseases. Not the only reason, but a reason.

In fact it is looking increasingly likely that quite a range of diseases and illnesses - the so called auto-immune disorders, can be linked to vaccines as the cause of the problem.

Doctor after doctor calls the 'allergic' response in these diseases  'inappropriate', but it is entirely appropriate, given the instructions it was given by the vaccine.

I will now repeat a quote from a doctor that I used in the food allergy section.  It is emotional, but at times I think a little emotion helps to bring the point home better.

... Face it! the human body is doing EXACTLY what the vaccine tells it to do. The aluminum and other adjuvants intended to incite a hyper reaction to virus proteins are inciting hyperreaction to ALL the proteins because the immune system doesn't know to do anything more than recognize an amino acid sequence. Doesn't matter one whit if it is a string from Hep B virus or a string from soy peptones or casein-derived amino acids or corn derived dextrose or GMO yeast from the culture or oils or phenol red added for contrast. Adjuvants say "fight what we are showing you", and the immune system does...often in perpetuity.



I have already had vaccinations, what can I do?

I have provided a step by step guide on what to do to find out what foods and products you may have developed an allergy to in the commonsteps section - Allergy determination process.  The steps are simple, but you do need to find out specifically which vaccine you were given.  As I found out myself, this is not at all easy.  My doctor did not keep a record of either the batch or type of flu vaccine I was given on my medical records, which I regard as unforgivable - tantamount to malpractise.

Once you have this basic list, you have a broad idea what to avoid.  You then need to go to a respected food allergy laboratory to get yourself tested.  This will at least tell you which foods to avoid.

Vaccines and spiritual experience

Vaccinations are delivered using a hypodermic needle directly into the blood stream.  The viruses in the vaccines by-pass  all the normal protective mechanisms of the body - principally the skin with its acid layer and natural bacteria, the stomach, and the Intestines with its fighting bacteria. 

They are also delivered with one hell of a jolt to the system.  Polio vaccine when I was a child was ingested on a sugar lump, which meant it went the normal route of most viruses and thus allowed the body to muster its defence forces.  An injected vaccine requires the body to be pretty quick in its responses.

A compromised immune system is a slow system.

The immune system does its level best to protect certain key systems - the heart and the brain being the two of key importance, but if the immune system is slow in responding, viruses can enter the spinal cord and get to the brain.  This is of such importance that I have included a paper that shows what can happen when viruses are not arrested before it gets to this key area.

A parallel of generalized viral infection with psychiatric symptoms has been reported in nonorganic psychotic disorders. The patients concerned had been ill for long periods and some of them had been readmitted. In order to determine the presence of viral infection at the very onset of the psychosis, antibodies in blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to six viruses [cytomegalovirus (CMV), herpes simplex (HSV) Type 1, mumps, measles, varicella zoster virus (VZV), and Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV)] were assayed in 35 psychotic patients [14 schizophrenics; 13 manic patients; and 8 patients with psychosis not otherwise specified (NOS)] within 1 month of onset of illness. Ten (28.6%) patients had a diagnostic (fourfold) change in the antibody titer in the paired serum and/or CSF samples (drawn at 2-week intervals) and another 10 had high titers (above 2 SDs from the mean in 35 control subjects). The striking temporal correlation with the initial severity and resolution of psychopathology by 2 weeks on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) suggests a causally significant, currently active viral infection in these 20 cases.  PMID: 7827214

A compromised immune system, a virus in the blood stream and transfer of the virus into the cerebrospinal fluid, past the blood brain barrier and into the brain thus causes all manner of psychiatric disorders, not just autism [as has been reported  in some papers] but manic depression, schizophrenia, and 'other psychoses'.

We should be extremely careful about saying glibly that viruses and by extension vaccines 'cause' these illnesses.  There are a whole host of other causes that we should not forget -  Bacteria, Parasites, Toxins including heavy metals and drugs,  inappropriate gases [leading to asphyxia and hypoxia], radiation and poisons all do the same thing.   And we should not forget that the body's own chemicals at overload levels can act as poisons - Adrenaline being a prime candidate.  Thus the cause of brain damage is not vaccines alone, but on the other hand there is a very clear link that it is one cause in certain circumstances - a compromised immune system.

And this is why vaccines cause spiritual experience.

How it works

Brain damage - for the reasons explained above

References and further reading


The Vaccine Safety Commission - simply lists the papers that have been released and not been suppressed, that question the safety of certain vaccines and give a reason why.

All Hail Door

Vaccin Vrij - For those able to understand Dutch, or those who have a translator on their computer,  this is a key website.  It is backed by literally hundreds of woman years of research.  Literally thousands and thousands of interviews with people whose children had been affected by vaccines were undertaken before any analysis was made.  The site is backed by scientific researchers and medical personnel who helped in the research, all those concerned enough, in fact to want change to happen.  The site is but a summary of the immense effort that has gone into this research - all of it unsponsored and all of it motivated by a deep concern for our fellow human beings.

The wonderful lady behind all this team work is one Door Frankema.  All hail Door!


  • Biol Psychiatry. 1994 Oct 15;36(8):517-21.  Viral antibodies in recent onset, nonorganic psychoses: correspondence with symptomatic severity.  Srikanth S1, Ravi V, Poornima KS, Shetty KT, Gangadhar BN, Janakiramaiah N.  1Department of Psychiatry, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore, India.
  • J Pharm Sci. 2012 Jan;101(1):17-20. doi: 10.1002/jps.22759. Epub 2011 Sep 14.  Aluminum adjuvant dose guidelines in vaccine formulation for preclinical evaluations.  Vecchi S1, Bufali S, Skibinski DA, O'Hagan DT, Singh M. 

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