Spiritual concepts

Bodily function control

As its name suggest, bodily function control is the ability of a person to control the functions of their own autonomic system.  Thus they can control pain – and thus negate pain messages coming to the conscious mind, as well as slow breathing, slow their heartbeat, slow the digestive processes and the evacuation processes.  In effect they can control every function of each organ. The Heat of the Mystic is a sort of highly specialised version of this capability.

 The culmination of control may be a form of suspended animation in which the person controls the slowing or suspension of the functions of life without death itself occurring.  It is a sort of hibernation in a human being.  The person himself or herself [it is usually a him] is in total control of the process, there is no external help or interference.  All the functions of the body are slowed to an almost imperceptible level - breathing, heartbeat, and other autonomic functions become almost imperceptible.

The suspended animation I refer to here is not that being pursued by the scientific community, which appears to be pursuing physical means such as drugs and hyperthermia.


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