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Shereston, Adam - Acquires superhuman strength



Type of Spiritual Experience


35 stone is 10lb short of  500 lbs [pounds] and over 22kgms

A description of the experience

Adam Shereston from Alignment

At work, I noticed that I was no longer interested in general conversation and tat, most of the time, I wasn't consciously aware of what they were saying, anyway.

One day, I was standing apart from a group of workers who I could see struggling with a fence post, probably weighing in the region of about 35 stone.  As I watched them, I heard a voice say 'It's only heavy because you think it it'.

I went over to the fence post, with no particular thought of what might happen and amazingly I was able to lift it with no real effort at all.  The other workers were left scratching their heads, wondering how I could possibly have done it .

The source of the experience

Shereston, Adam

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Difficult birth
Psychological trauma