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Major F Yeats-Brown on the 'resurrection of the dead yogi'



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Swallowing air should not be taken literally.

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From The Quest of the Overself – Paul Brunton

Major F Yeats-Brown London Sunday Express 1936

Resurrection of the dead is a fairly common exercise in Indian magic.  I have seen it done twice.  The adept undergoes 24 hours of secret preparation, which consists in purgation, fasting and 'swallowing air'.

Before the trance state is induced, the adept is in a state of oxygen intoxication.  Then pressing his carotid arteries, he passes into unconsciousness.

His disciples bury him.

On one of the occasions when I was present, the adept remained thus for an hour, on the other occasion he remained in the death trance for only 15 minutes.

Doctors who examined the 'corpse' stated that there was no sign of life.  When the given time had elapsed, the adept came to life.

It is not an experiment fit for public view, the rigid body unstiffens, the set lips relax and from them issues a groan that none who have heard it can forget.

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