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Friar Herbert Thurston - The Physical Phenomenon of Mysticism

Mr. Jencken describes an .. incident which was then of even more recent date. Speaking in trance, Home, who in such circumstances always referred to himself in the third person by his Christian name, remarked:

"Daniel has been elongated six times, he will be elongated thirty times during his life”; and encouraging every mode of testing the truth of this marvellous phenomenon, he made me hold his feet, whilst the Hon. Mr.-- placed his hands on his head and shoulders. The elongation was repeated three times, twice whilst he was standing. The extension measured on the wall by the Hon. Mr.-- showed eight inches; the extension at the waist, as measured by Mr.--, was six inches, and the third time the elongation occurred, Mr. Horne was seated next to Mrs.- -who, placing her hand on his head-and her feet on his feet-had the utmost difficulty in keeping her position, as Mr. Home’s body grew higher and higher; the extreme extension reached being six inches.

There can be little doubt that the person here referred to as "the Hon. Mr.--," was the future 26th Earl of Crawford, then best known as the Master of Lindsay.

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