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Swami Rama - 07 The Swami produces cysts and tumours on demand



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Beyond Biofeedback – Drs Elmer and Alyce Green

We did not get to arrange a proper demonstration of item (3.a), "creating artificial tumors," which had been scheduled near the end of the series. I can report informally, however, what the Swami did in this regard.

One day Swami and I began discussing tumors. I explained our research with blood-flow control and mentioned my idea that, because the vascular "tree" in tumors includes smooth muscles in blood vessel walls-which are presumably controlled from a hypothalamic center-it seemed reasonable to hypothesize that tumors could be volitionally starved through blood-flow control and reabsorbed by the body.

"Oh yes," Swami Rama said, "all of the soft tissues of the body are easy to manipulate."

I asked what he meant. He jumped up and said, "Press on this muscle with your thumb." It was a large volume of muscle in the right buttock, the gluteus maximus, just behind the hip bone. He said, "Do you feel any lumps in there?" I said, "No." Then he said, "Wait just a second," and he turned his face to the left, away from me for three or four seconds. Then he said, "Feel it again.

"I pressed the muscle again and discovered a lump about the size of a bird's egg in the muscle. I said, "What is that, a tense muscle, a charley horse?"

The Swami said, "No, it's a cyst." I asked, "What's in it?" He said, “I don't know." "Would you be willing to have it X-rayed?" After a pause, he said, "I don't know. My teacher said that it was possible for X-rays to make changes in cells that I might not be able to control." I said, "How about a biopsy?" He replied, "Maybe."

Then he said, "Feel it again." I pressed the muscle again and the lump was gone. I said, "It's gone." He replied, "Just a second. I will make another one." He looked to the left side again for three or four seconds, then said, "There's another one." I pressed again with my thumb and found another lump, but in a different place-up against the hipbone. It was vertically longer and also narrower, and as I pressed it against the bone it slipped this way and that, as might be expected of a-cyst. It was unfortunate that this demonstration was not done in the laboratory, where medical doctors would have been available to give their opinions. To me, it seemed to be a striking example of mind-body coordination.

I asked the Swami if he could produce such a cyst in an area that would be easier to observe. Yes, he said, when he was in Germany he had produced a cyst several times on his wrist for physicians. He showed me a small scar. He had given permission for them to excise one of the cysts, which they still had in Germany in a bottle. I asked what the doctors said to him when he manufactured cysts suddenly like that. “They said, 'Swami, you are a very unusual man!' "The Swami continued with a disgusted expression, "I was trying to tell them something and all they said was, 'Swami, you are a very unusual man.' They did not think about what it meant."


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Swāmī Rāma

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