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Walled up in a living tomb as his hands were eaten by ants



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From The Quest of the Overself – Paul Brunton

An extract from a newspaper report of 1935

A remarkable case of samadhi, that is perfect absorption of thought, the eighth and last stage of yoga – has been brought to light at Rishikesh, the sacred place of pilgrimage near Hardwar in Dehra Dun district, when the emaciated body of a young Hindu Yogi was taken out of a special tomb recently in the presence of thousands of spectators.

On October 10th 1935 he entered the trance in the hollow masonic structure measuring hardly 16 square feet and about 4 or 5 feet high.  The entrance to it was closed with stone, which was cemented as soon as the Yogi entered it.  A guard was posted at the place to keep watch on him.  He was then walled up in his living tomb, and for 6 weeks great crowds of Hindus reverently waited whilst he performed this, the supreme penance.

All during the period he took neither food nor water.  On entering the tomb the yogi, who had already fasted for several days, had left instructions that in the 45th day after he entered it, between 7 and 10 am they should take him out and massage his body with oil.

This is the third time that the yogi has taken the trance experience.  In the first trance, one of his hands was partially eaten away by ants.

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