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Category: Illness or disabilaties



Introduction and description

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or AD/HD or ADD) is defined as a “developmental disorder characterized by the co-existence of attentional problems and hyperactivity, with each behavior occurring infrequently alone" and symptoms starting before seven years of age.

It is “the most commonly studied and diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, affecting about 3 to 5 percent of children globally and diagnosed in about 2 to 16 percent of school aged children”. 

Boys get the condition more than girls “ADHD is diagnosed two to four times more frequently in boys than in girls”, but this may be because boys prefer to be physically active; sitting in a classroom listening to teachers all day tends to drive all of them a little demented; and also because girls tend to be more polite and compliant, keeping quiet when they are bored and unhappy.

The cause is never investigated.  It is another weasel word.  A symptom not a cause.


INVENTOR OF ADHD'S DEATHBED CONFESSION: "ADHD IS A FICTITIOUS DISEASE"  Wednesday, March 27th 2013  By Moritz Nestor, Current Concerns

The German weekly Der Spiegel quoted in its cover story on 2 February 2012 the US American psychiatrist Leon Eisenberg, ..... who was the “scientific father of ADHD” ... said at the age of 87, seven months before his death in his last interview: “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease”
Since 1968, some 40 years, Leon Eisenberg’s “disease” has haunted the diagnostic and statistical manuals, first as “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood”, and then “ADHD”. The use of ADHD medications in Germany rose in only eighteen years from 34 kg (in 1993) to a record of no less than 1760 kg (in 2011) – which is a 51-fold increase in sales! In the United States every tenth boy among ten year-olds already swallows an ADHD medication on a daily basis. .... Eisenberg .... served on the “Committee for DSM V and ICD XII, American Psychiatric Association” from 2006 to 2009.  American psychologist Lisa Cosgrove and others ... in their study Financial Ties between DSM-IV Panel Members and the Pharmaceutical Industry found that “Of the 170 DSM panel members 95 (56%) had one or more financial associations with companies in the pharmaceutical industry. One hundred percent of the members of the panels on ‘Mood Disorders’ and ‘Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders’ had financial ties to drug companies".

Enough said.


Let us now presume that the symptoms of ADHD do exist even if the 'illness' doesn't.  What might these symptoms be caused by?

Wrong school

Hyperactivity can result from a clever child being put in a poor school.  It can result from a spiritually gifted child - a so called dreamer - being put in a school for non dreamers, a pen pushing rote learning and memorising non creative school.  A school of desks and good behaviour and book learning.

It can result from a child who is not so hot academically being put in a school that is academic.  In effect the child would be better doing things, playing and getting involved in sports or other active pursuits.

It can be the result of f**king awful teachers.  Generally speaking those diagnosed at school are referred by a teacher.   This is thus the teacher’s considered opinion of course, which then serves to deflect any ‘blame’ on the child’s inability to concentrate on the quality of teaching, the boring nature of the lessons or the inappropriateness of the subject matter. 

Mild brain damage

It can be caused by very mild brain damage.  Brain damage cannot be cured, but it can be helped - there is one Russian observation I have provided to show this

Constant Exposure to overload

It can be caused by exposure to overload - too many video games, too much violent TV, too many bright lights, and stimulatory input and not enough 'rest' - constant 'fight or flight' exposure, constant invocation of the sympathetic nervous system and not enough invocation of the parasypathetic nervous system.

Food additives

It can be caused by the addition of various chemicals to food

Colas and other fizzy drinks

It can be caused by sugary caffeinated and so called high energy drinks

Vitamin deficiencies and mineral deficiencies

It can be caused by an inappropriate diet and poor nutrition.

Vitamin supplements and mineral supplements

It can be caused by overdose on supplements which are no substitute for a balanced diet of good food

Drugs and pharmaceuticals

It can be caused by pharmaceuticals and other drugs - antihistamines, vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals, inhalers and cold cures, cough medicine and nasal sprays, amphetamines and stimulants a whole host of stimulatory overdose medicine. 

The eHealthme site collects the Adverse Drug reports submitted by doctors to the FDA and SEDA in the USA.  It then summarises them for ease of use.  We originally provided a direct link to ADHD and the pharmaceuticals that can cause it, but the eHealthme website developers frequently reorganise the site and thus break the links.  Thus in order to find out which pharmaceuticals are implicated in ADHD

  • Follow the LINK to the eHealthme website
  • Using the ‘All conditions’ index find the ADHD entry
  • Now scroll down until you get to the section marked ‘Drugs that could cause ADHD

The list shows you all the drugs implicated in CAUSING ADHD as well as the number of people who have made a complaint to their doctor and had their case reported by him.  Note that it is up to the doctor whether he reports or not.

As of October 2016, about 650 pharmaceuticals were in this list.

Home life

It can result from a disruptive and unhappy home.
It can be the result of f**king awful parents.

Stress and fear

It can be the resut of stress, anxiety, fear, bullying, and boredom as well as a whole host of other negative events. 

Poisoning and toxins

It can be caused by heavy metals and other toxins. It can be the result of heavy metal exposure - lead exposure is correlated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and antisocial behaviour. Elevated lead levels in children are correlated with higher scores on aggression and delinquency measures.  So leaded petrol, lead in paint – you name it that could be the cause.  But we should not forget mercury poisoning and plastics poisoning and food poisoning - all culprits.

Bacterial infection

A number of bacteria are known to damage the brain and cause symptoms like ADHD.  One of these bacteria is the one from Lymes disease .  But other bacteria are beginning to be implicated, for example a weak link appears to be present for temporary ADHD and streptococcus

Eleven out of 22 children (51%) with non comorbid-ADHD showed evidence of A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GABHS) infection compared to three out of 22 (14%) controls (P = 0.007).PMID:  19288046

 Viral infection

ADHD has been linked with HIV and enterovirus 71. Febrile seizures due to human herpesvirus 6 or influenza A are a risk factor for ADHD. Cytomegalovirus is implicated, EBV is implicated, plus many more.  Viral infections during pregnancy and at birth, are serious risk factors for ADHD.


When we vaccinate someone we give them a dose of a virus in the hope they will build up immunity.  Where the vaccine used in the injection is a live virus, there are instances where it, although apparently vanquished by the immune system, lays low and continues to attack, albeit at a much reduced rate.  Some of these viruses can reach the brain and cause brain damage.  In some ways development of vaccines is putting the cart way before the horse and it is a runaway cart liable to do untold damage.  We do not know the entirety of diseases or illnesses caused by viruses or bacteria, nor do we know precisely whether each one is eradicated by the immune system or simply lies low.  To give anyone a live virus when this information is not known, carries enormous risk - and one of the risks may be that a child develops ADHD or worse.


Find and Treat the cause.

On the whole, because many of the symptoms of ADHD are overload related, it would be far better to treat the child with suppression based actions and suppression based food.  For example Home schooling may help.

In Russia this is being investigated quite extensively, in the USA, for reasons I am unable to comprehend, the solution medics have come up with is a stimulant drug.  They are called ADHD drugs.  In Europe, ordinary non medical people are sitting on the fence unable to make head nor tail of what is going on.  From what we can see on our fence, the Americans may thus be prescribing stimulant drugs to unhappy children with no illness other than boredom, who may be suffering from poisoning,  bad schooling, toxins and overdose levels of stimulation already.  We do not understand why.

I am now going to quote Rudyard Kipling, who these days, if he had been born in the USA,  might well have been prescribed these drugs.  Kipling's happy days in India [a land of suppression based action and dreaming], ended when he was five years old. As was the custom in British India, he and his three-year-old sister, Alice , were taken to England—in their case to Southsea, Portsmouth, to live with a couple who boarded children of British nationals who were serving in India.  They come under the heading above of f**king awful pseudo parents.

For the next six years, from October 1871 to April 1877, the two children lived with this couple. In his autobiography, published some 65 years later, Kipling recalled the stay with horror, and wondered if the combination of cruelty and neglect which he experienced there at the hands of Mrs. Holloway might not have hastened the onset of his literary life:

"If you cross-examine a child of seven or eight on his day’s doings (specially when he wants to go to sleep) he will contradict himself very satisfactorily. If each contradiction be set down as a lie and retailed at breakfast, life is not easy. I have known a certain amount of bullying, but this was calculated torture — religious as well as scientific. Yet it made me give attention to the lies I soon found it necessary to tell: and this, I presume, is the foundation of literary effort".

How it works

Most genuine ADHD children are right brained - see Brain split, which means that all spiritual experience is either from Inherited genes or 'brain damage' - that is an interestingly different configuration of their hardware that has benefited them by helping them be more open to spiritual input.

See also the Model of the Mind and the generic description of How spiritual experience works 

References and further reading

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