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Robertson family

Category: Explorer or adventurer

The Robertson family set out to sail round the world in their yacht , but disaster struck.  This family of 6 had had their boat sunk and ended up surviving in a tiny dinghy with a punctured life raft as a sort of emergency back up.

The Last Voyage of the Lucette – Douglas Robertson
“The true adventure story of the Robertson family's fight to survive for 38 days aboard their small dinghy in the Pacific ocean, battling storms, hunger, thirst, danger and death, after their yacht sank in sixty seconds following an attack by killer whales.  It has become the classic journal of survival at sea and is used world wide, by schools in their literature curriculums”. 

They had little space to sleep and were stranded in the middle of the Pacific with little hope of rescue.

They had just about enough water – captured from rain  - to drink and were living largely off raw fish,  raw and dried turtle meat and turtle blood.  Around them constantly swum sharks, circling and waiting. 

The Robertsons being rescued by a Japanese fishing boat


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