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Jurrah, Liam

Category: Sportsman

Liam Jungarrayi Jurrah (born 22 September 1988) is a professional Australian rules footballer who formerly played with the Melbourne Football Club.

Jurrah is also known as "Jungarrayi", an initiated member of the Warlpiri people who are based in Yuendumu, a small and remote Indigenous Australian community 300 km north-west of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

He is the first indigenous person from a remote community in Central Australia to play senior football in the Australian Football League.

He is a bit of a hot tempered emotional little soul.  In March 2012 Jurrah was charged over an alleged machete attack at an Alice Springs town camp. He was subsequently found not guilty in March 2013. In January 2013 Jurrah was charged with drink driving in Adelaide after recording a blood alcohol content of 0.27%. He failed to attend his court hearing in March 2013. In March 2013 Jurrah was charged with four counts of aggravated assault in Alice Springs.

But he is a very very good footballer and the emotion is key to the inspiration.


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