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Robic, Jure

Category: Sportsman

Jure Robic (1965 -  2010) was a Slovenian cyclist and a soldier in the Slovenian Army. He died on 24 September 2010 in a head-on collision with a car while descending on a narrow mountain forest road in Plavški Rovt near Jesenice.

Robic won the Race Across America (RAAM) 5 times (a record in the men's solo category): in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010. He was in second place at the final time station in 2009 when he dropped out to protest time penalties he had received. Robic swore never to enter RAAM again, but changed his mind and came back and won again in 2010.

On 19 September 2004, Robic broke the world 24-hour road record by cycling 834.77 km (518.70 mi). In 2005 he won Le Tour Direct, (7d 19h 40m) a 4,023 km (2,500 mi) race on a course derived from classic Tour de France routes. Jure won the DOS-Ras Race Across Slovenia four times, the Tour Direct twice and the Tortour in 2010.

Robic was renowned for pushing himself to extreme mental breakdown during endurance races. He was laboratory tested, and his abilities to produce power and to transport oxygen were found to be parallel to those of other top ultra-endurance athletes worldwide. During the 2004 Race Across America, it was reported that he had only eight hours of sleep during his eight-day, 2,958.5-mile (4,761.2 km) ride across the United States.

From 1988 to 1994 Jure was part of the Slovenian Cycling National Team and he was also a National road champion. In his career he won more than 100 races and has been on the podium at least 150 times. He was also a winner of Maraton Franja, Juriš na Vršic.

In addition to sporting achievements Jure Robic was the recipient of the Sportsman of the Year awards for special achievements, Slovenian year for special achievements and awards for fair play and tolerance in sport.


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